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GMC Students Explore Colorado River

Most of the 4.7 million yearly visitors to Grand Canyon National Park only stay a few hours to peer from gated overlooks into the mile-deep, 18-mile wide canyon. During the 2015-16 holiday break, Green Mountain College professors Andrew G. Bentley (adventure education) and John Van Hoesen (environmental studies) led 11 students down 225 miles of the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. They used oar-powered … Read more...

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Carl Diethelm ’17

Carl Diethelm ’18 is a REED major with the nickname “Compost Carl” because of his love for . . . well, compost. He has a passion for food waste and... Read more »


Leslie Clarke ‘14

“GMC had a brochure of someone walking barefoot in the trees, and I liked walking barefoot. It was something I always got in trouble for. I also wanted to go... Read more »

Rommy Fuller

Rommy Fuller

Scoring high on any “grit” scale is prof. Rommy Fuller, a lifetime Poultney resident, scholar, teacher, athlete, wife, and mom. Increasingly, researchers are focusing on traits referred to as “determination,”... Read more »

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