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Class of 2016 GMC’s Largest: View Commencement Online

Dr. John P. Holdren, President Obama’s top advisor on science and technology issues, outlined for Green Mountain College graduates today how “science and fact” have guided development of the administration’s climate action plan. “The science of climate change is based first on the fundamental physics and chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans, the physics of ice, and the biochemistry of living things,” he … Read more...

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Photo of Ahniyah-Hiwot Kebede

Ahniyah-Hiwot Kebede ‘15

“My ambition is to have an NGO that helps young mothers and children pursue their goals in developing countries.” Born and raised in Ethiopia until the age of thirteen, Ahniyah-Hiwot... Read more »

Miles Linsmith ‘16

Miles Linsmith ‘16

Miles worked with Israelites, Palestinians and Jordanians to discuss environmental issues and encourage peaceful cooperation among the three groups. Miles Linsmith ‘16 is no stranger to taking his studies outside the United... Read more »


Pat Girard ‘09

Pat attended national conferences in Pittsburgh and Louisville where he got to meet other young people passionate about making art. Pat Girard ‘09 of Glens Fall, N.Y. arranged his high... Read more »