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It’s Not Just the Salad That’s Green

Students at Green Mountain College enjoy meals that rate big on the taste buds and small on the carbon footprint! The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) announced last week that it has re-certified GMC's dining hall, run by Dave and Cindy Ondria of Chartwells, as a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant (up from two stars last year). GRA standards provide a transparent way to measure each restaurant’s environmental … Read more...

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student posing for photo

Shelby Backus ’17

“I just remember walking on campus and feeling that this was ‘it,’ that GMC was just the right fit.” Shelby is a junior from Lake Luzerne, N.Y. She transferred from... Read more »

tung dang

Tung Dang ‘15

Tung’s self-designed major prepared him for a fully-funded Cornell University Ph.D. program. Tung is a self-designed mathematics and economics major from Hanoi, Vietnam, who deeply values and invests in his... Read more »

photo of christopher thompson

Chris Thompson ‘16

Chris is an avid participant in the GreenMAP program, leading backcountry ski, snowboard, backpacking and ice-climbing trips. On campus, “home” is the recreational living floor. Chris Thompson has an insatiable... Read more »

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