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2011 Academic Catalog

Our Mission
Green Mountain College prepares students for productive, caring, and fulfilling lives by taking the environment as the unifying theme underlying its academic and co-curricular programs. This innovative interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts education is grounded in the institution’s strong tradition of effective teaching and mentoring, and is complemented by a diversity of community-oriented campus life opportunities. Through a wide range of liberal arts and career-focused majors, the college fosters the ideals of environmental responsibility, public service, global understanding, and lifelong intellectual, physical, and spiritual development.

Rich in Tradition, Ready for Today
Along with its maple groves and dairy farms, the state of Vermont has long been fertile ground for philosophers, scientists, artists, and environmentalists seeking answers to problems faced by humanity. Green Mountain College has contributed to this tradition since its founding in 1834—we prepare students for productive careers through a liberal arts education emphasizing environmental responsibility. Green Mountain College’s locale is uniquely suited for this mission: Our 155-acre campus and surrounding landscape are ideal laboratories for a curriculum that emphasizes field research and hands-on experience. Our highly qualified faculty is deeply committed to the values of a liberal arts education, including grounding in the sciences and humanities, critical thinking, and the ability to clearly express ideas.

“Our relation to the natural world takes place in a place, and it must be grounded in information and experience. From the vantage of such places, and with the benefit of such experience, we might yet learn the compassion and see the possibilities needed to live more fully and sustainably in this global age.”

--Laird Christensen, Professor of English Literature and Environmental Studies

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