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Asian Studies

Program Director: Mark Dailey, Ph.D.
Division of Sciences & Outdoor Learning

Program offered:

  • Minor in Asian Studies

Well over half the human population lives in Asia. An interdisciplinary understanding of the history, culture, and contemporary practices of Asian countries will enrich any college major. The Asian Studies minor offers students opportunities to develop a more inclusive, globally informed, and ecologically sustainable outlook and way of life. The program emphasizes critical comprehension of alternative perspectives and frameworks through global engagement that is richly responsible to cultural traditions and political complexities. This minor encourages the exploration of the complex challenges of modern Asia, in part as a means to learning how to best face our challenges at home.

While students in this minor can choose from the following list of regularly offered courses, they may also choose from one-time offerings designated as Asian Studies courses (AST) or they may request that other courses (including travel courses and independent studies) be approved by the Asian Studies Program Director. For example, some recent courses with significant Asian Studies content include Women Across Cultures: Japan and Korea; Sociology of Asian Women: Work, Sexuality, and Reproductive Rights in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines; Study in China; Anthropology of East Asia; Asian Art; and Cross-Cultural Human Development: Japan as Area Study.

The Asian Studies minor is available to all bachelor’s degree candidates. Students must complete 18 credits in Asian Studies by taking courses listed below, topics courses with the AST prefix, or courses approved by the Asian Studies Program Director upon request. The Asian Studies Committee recommends that students take courses in multiple disciplines, especially including Asian languages. Students participating in study abroad programs should meet with the Asian Studies Program Director to request transfer credits for the minor.

Choose from:

Total credits for a Minor in Asian Studies: 18

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