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Program Director: Z. Vance Jackson, Ph.D.
Division of Sciences & Outdoor Learning

Programs offered:

  • BA in Psychology

  • Minor in Psychology

  • Minor in Biopsychology (see listing under Biology)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Students who graduate with a degree in psychology will have discovered the interdisciplinary character of the field. Understanding human behavior requires curiosity, the capacity for self-reflection, and a basic grasp of the tools of quantitative and qualitative research. It requires an appreciation of biology and evolutionary theory, as well as an analysis of the complex environmental factors facing humans in modern society. The perspectives of other social science disciplines (e.g. anthropology, economics, history, and sociology) are also important to any understanding of individuals in society. The program is structured to provide a strong grounding in contemporary psychological theory and practice, while at the same time, permitting ample exploration of these other important contributing disciplines.

The sequence of coursework in the psychology major prepares students for continuing graduate coursework in the mental health profession and research oriented psychology programs. Students with a bachelor's degree in psychology are also well prepared for careers in the social services sectors and research laboratories. While lower-division courses focus on the broad theories found within psychology and acquaint students with the research process, upper division courses serve as opportunities for students to begin conducting their own independent research.

Learning Outcomes for Psychology Majors
The Successful student will:

  • Study both classical and contemporary theories in psychology and be acquainted with original research in the topic area of all courses

  • Utilize empirical literature to support their written arguments

  • Develop expertise in the design of research proposals and projects

  • Design and conduct original research projects

  • Find opportunities for practical applications of their learning

Requirements for a BA in Psychology
Psychology Core:

Psychology Electives: 18 credits

General Electives
Total electives vary depending on total of other credits.
Credits: 39-41

ELA Requirements
See ELA section of this catalog for details.
Credits: 36-37

Total credits for a BA in Psychology: 120-121
Note: All students are required to complete 33 credits of upper-division work (3000-4000 level courses).

Psychology Minor
The psychology minor is available to all bachelor degree candidates. The minor provides a broad orientation to the discipline with the opportunity for upper-level electives to deepen the student’s background according to her or his interests.
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