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Program Director: Paula Mann
Division of Humanities, Education, & Arts

Program Offered:

  • Minor in Theatre Arts

Program Mission Statement
Any degree candidate may elect to graduate with a Theatre Arts Minor, in either of two concentrations: Performance or Literature. Students will complete these areas of study with the opportunity for practical experience in the field, both on and off stage, as well as the study of plays as “living literature”; with the objective that students will demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze dramatic literature and its important role in our culture and society. Through its courses, the program will enhance the general liberal arts education of students and build expertise in theatre arts. Exposure to working opportunities with professionals in the field is a vital part of our program. For the degree candidate, learning outcomes are two-fold:

1). To demonstrate an appreciation and critical evaluation of the art form as part of a liberal arts education.
2). To provide knowledge and oversight for students to participate and demonstrate proficiency, in a hands-on manner, in the process of creating a work of dramatic art—whether it be a newly conceived play (playwriting), a believable performance (acting), or an insightful directorial interpretation (directing). To achieve these goals the students will be actively engaged in:

  • Developing critical thinking skills to examine/experience plays

  • Strengthening tools for self examination, reflection, and growth

  • Learning the techniques and skill required to create and communicate effectively through the art form

  • Fostering respect for the collaborative artistic process in oneself and others

  • Establishing an arts centered process with the Fall and Spring term theatre productions as the cornerstone of the program--both for what it offers the students involved as well as the GMC community attending the performances

The program uses performance and production critiques, research papers and reflective journals to assess learning outcomes.

Performance Concentration
Core Courses

Students need to take a minimum of 6 DRA credits at the 2000 level or above in addition to the required core courses.
*these courses can be taken more than once for credit when a different subtitle is used

Total credits for a Minor in Performance Theatre Arts: 18

Literature Concentration Requirements
Core Courses

Electives Students need to take a minimum of 6 DRA credits at the 2000 level or above in addition to the required core courses.

Total credits for a Minor In Literature Theatre Arts: 18

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