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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must receive credit for at least 67% of their total attempted credits in addition to other satisfactory academic progress requirements to remain in good standing for financial aid.

All students receiving federal Title IV and Green Mountain College financial aid funds must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards outlined below. A student whose academic progress does not meet the standards will be notified of the deficiency and placed on financial aid warning, financial aid probation, or financial aid denial.

  • Academic Requirements
    Students must meet ALL of the following requirements before being considered for financial aid or reinstatement of financial aid:

    • Be enrolled in and attending an eligible program for the purpose of completing a BA/BS/BFA degree.

    • Receive credit for at least 67% of Total Attempted Credits.
      (Total Attempted Credits is defined as the total number of credits a student is enrolled in at the end of the first week of class)

    • Maintain the minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement as follows:

  • Incoming Transfer Students
    All transfer credits accepted by GMC towards a students program count towards total cumulative credits. However these credits will not be counted towards cumulative GPA. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to require official academic transcripts from all prior colleges attended before determining financial aid eligibility.

    ALL previous periods of enrollment will be used in determining Satisfactory Academic Progress, regardless of whether or not financial aid was received.

  • Withdrawal, Incompletes, and No Credit/Failed Courses

    • Grades of "W", "I", "NP", and "F" receive no credit and are considered unsuccessfully completed and count towards "attempted credits".

    • If a student withdraws from all of his/her classes during a semester, the student may be required to repay all or a portion of his/her financial aid.

  • Financial Aid Warning
    Students not meeting at least one of the academic requirements will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. Students will have 1 semester of warning. While on a warning semester, the student may still receive financial aid.

  • Financial Aid Probation

    • Financial Aid Probation is granted upon a successful appeal.

    • Students may still receive financial aid during a Financial Aid Probationary period.

    • Submitting an appeal consists of the following items:

      • Letter of appeal clearly defining the extenuating circumstances that lead to not meeting SAP, and what has changed in their situation that would allow to demonstrate SAP.

      • Supporting letter or documentation of the extenuating circumstance

      • A detailed academic plan, signed off by the academic advisor, of what the student will do/follow to meet SAP by a designated time period.

    • If after the period of an academic plan has expired and the student is not meeting SAP or at any time during the plan the student stops meeting the requirements, they will be placed on Financial Aid Denial.

    • Students may appeal more than once only if they have regained eligibility and have been off Financial Aid Warning, Probation, or Denial for at least one semester.

    • Remedial Courses
      Up to 12 credits of remedial course work may be excluded from a student's cumulative credits attempted.

    The financial Aid Office will check satisfactory academic progress at the end of each semester and again before the time of funding.

    Students may be eligible for financial aid again once they are no longer on financial aid denial.

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