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Religious Studies

Program Director: Steven Fesmire, Ph.D.
Division of Humanities, Education, & Arts

Minor offered:

  • Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies Minor
In the changing and global nature of the contemporary world, a knowledge of world religions, fluency in religious discourse, and a critical understanding of the foundations and components of faith commitments is essential to understanding human culture, politics, and values. A student minoring in religious studies has the opportunity to explore the philosophy and history of religion, contemporary debates, mythology, and how religious beliefs fit into individual lives and communities.

While students in this minor can choose from the following list of regularly offered courses, they may also request that independent studies and courses in other programs with significant religious studies content be approved by the Religious Studies Program Director.

Requirements for a minor in Religious Studies
The Religious Studies minor is available to all bachelor’s degree candidates. Students must complete 18 credits in Religious Studies by taking courses listed below, any REL course, or courses approved by the Religious Studies Program Director and Dean of Faculty upon request. Nine credits must be at the 3000-4000 level.

Choose from:

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