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Renewable Energy & EcoDesign

Program Director: Lucas Brown, M.Arch.
Division of Environmental Studies & Management

Program offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Renewable Energy & Ecological Design

  • Certificate in Renewable Energy & EcoDesign

The B.A. in Renewable Energy & Ecological Design is a unique, innovative program that integrates the study of energy and design in conjunction with the College’s award winning Environmental Liberal Arts experience. Students in this major learn about and apply ecological design strategies using both mind and hands, and develop a comprehensive understanding of energy use and the pathways to a clean energy future. The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing students to develop a concentration in their area of interest.

Skills-focused classes in the well-equipped fabrication facility, design exploration in the dedicated studio, engaging internships, numerous field trips, and participation in real-world hands-on community projects are critical components of this major. As a graduate of the program, students are equipped to employ ecological design strategies, analyze renewable energy opportunities, and the skills to realize appropriate and meaningful solutions. Potential career paths included product design, residential design/build, small-scale renewable energy, utility-scale renewable energy, energy policy, as well as further study in related areas.

Learning Goals

  • Students will recognize the social and environmental challenges of current domestic and global energy systems, and the solutions and regulatory reforms needed to create a sustainable energy future.

  • Students will be equipped to apply ecological design principles to the built environment, through both conceptual exercises and applied hands-on projects.

  • Students will be able to analyze sustainable design and energy challenges within a broad interdisciplinary context, and will be prepared for further study and careers in renewable energy and sustainable design.

Core Courses:

Certificate in Renewable Energy & Ecological Design
The Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) certificate provides students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of renewable energy and sustainable design.

It is becoming increasingly important for members of society to understand the complex relationships between culture, energy use, and the built environment. All too often people do not consider where their energy comes from or how the way we design our buildings and communities is linked to excessive energy use and resource consumption.

The REED certificate is designed to complement Green Mountain College’s environmental liberal arts education by empowering students with the hands-on skills and knowledge to become leaders in their communities and professions working toward a sustainable future. Furthermore, for students interested in a career in the renewable energy or sustainable design fields, the REED certificate provides excellent training and preparation for advanced study in these areas.

In part, the certificate is a response to the work force development needs of these dynamic and growing industries, positioning our students for successful careers in the emerging green economy.

Core Courses

Students choose a minimum of 7 credits

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