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Resort & Hospitality Management

Program Director: Frank Pauzé, M.B.A.
Division of Environmental Studies & Management

Programs offered:

  • BS in Resort & Hospitality Management

  • Certificate in Resort & Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Resort & Hospitality Management
Resort & Hospitality Management students can earn a bachelor’s degree in three years. The B.S. in Resort & Hospitality Management prepares students to think critically in preparation for exciting career opportunities that will allow them to live, work and enjoy some of the most desirable environments around the world.

Green Mountain College and the senior management of the Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners LLC collaborate on this innovative program, which combines the College’s nationally recognized environmental liberal arts curriculum with delivery of cooperative-based management education at the Killington Resort and with hospitality properties in the Killington area. Students have paid field experiences each year.

Learning Outcomes for Resort & Hospitality Management Majors
The successful student will:

  • Develop skills in problem solving, critical thought and clear expression in a variety of situations within the resort and hospitality setting.

  • Fully understand and demonstrate knowledge of management theory and its application to the destination hospitality and resort operation, and

  • Heighten his/her knowledge and awareness of his/her environmental responsibility, understanding of the global community, and obligation for lifelong education.

Trimester Academic Calendar
The College has structured this program to enable students to earn their degree in 3 years or less. Students should recognize, however, that this is an accelerated program with a distinctly different academic calendar from the programs on the Poultney campus.

The Killington Partnership
A true academic partner in the student’s education is the Killington Resort… specifically, its management team. The Killington management team contributes to the Resort Management Program by

  • Involving the student in behind the scenes decision making.

  • Providing senior management as adjunct faculty and mentors.

  • Involving students in special (ongoing) projects for multiple courses.

  • Providing quality “extra” experiences in the student’s co-op at Killington.

Environmental Focus
The College’s signature Environmental Liberal Arts Program (ELA) is critical to the overall education of resort and hospitality management graduates and adds great value to the degree. All hospitality properties and destination resorts have a major stake in their immediate social and natural environments. Whether a student is employed in a warm weather resort on the Great Barrier Reef, or the cold mountain snows of a ski destination, or an inner city full service lodging property, hospitality and resort managers must have a thorough understanding of their operation’s impact on the social and natural environment in both a local and global sense. The economic relationship of the property to its surrounding community is also critical in the long-term success of this symbiotic relationship.

Living and Classroom Facilities
Students in the Resort & Hospitality Management Program live at The Lodge at Killington. Located on the access road, just a mile from the heart of Killington operations, The Lodge is a full service residence, including foodservice, dining room, laundry facilities, recreation room and fireplace/lounge. Classroom space is located just a mile away at the High ridge Conference Center, in one of the five condominium villages that are managed by Killington.

RHM Review Board
Every student goes through a review process at the end of her/his first and second winter term co-op experience. The RHM Review Board is designed to help the student develop and progress towards a successful career in the resort and hospitality industry. Towards this end, each student will be reviewed based on his/her academic performance, professionalism and personal behavior.

Data and input is gathered from a variety of sources: the student’s GPA in major and ELA courses, GMC faculty and staff, peer evaluations, the Killington co-op coordinator’s office, co-op properties, supervisors, and resident life staff at The Lodge.

The review board will be comprised of the RHM faculty, industry co-op coordinators, and General Manager from The Lodge. The Board will review each student, outlining the student’s strengths, areas for development, as well as an action plan for the upcoming academic year.

The following criteria will be used for the review process:

  • Academic: Overall GPA, major GPA, ELA coursework

  • Co-Ops: Supervisor evaluations, special projects, academic work

  • Professionalism: Team projects and peer evaluations, organization skills, leadership roles, field evaluations

  • Personal: The Lodge, GMC incident reports, RA input, Co-Op coordinator input

The possible outcomes of the review board are:

  • Pass

  • Probation or

  • Dismissal from the Killington School of Resort Management

Students who receive a finding of “Pass” need take no further action.

In the case where a student receives a “probation” finding, the faculty will outline specific goals and outcomes needed to show reasonable progress towards a “passing” status, usually by the completion of the following term. If the student does not make satisfactory progress, the Program reserves the right to dismiss the student from the major.

Should the review result in a “dismissal” finding, the student will need to meet with the Program faculty to discuss exit strategies from the Resort & Hospitality Management program and options within the College.

Requirements for a BS in Resort & Hospitality Management (3-year)
Resort & Hospitality Management Core

General Electives
Total electives vary depending on total of other credits.
Credits: 12

ELA Requirements
See ELA section of this catalog for details.
Credits: 36-37

Total credits for a BS in Resort & Hospitality Management: 120-121
Note: All students are required to complete 33 credits of upper division work (2000-4000 level courses)

Certificate Program in Resort & Hospitality Management
The Certificate Program in Resort & Hospitality Management is designed to provide a well-focused and solid foundation in the field of resort and/or hospitality operations. Mixing instruction and practical experience, the program prepares students for both entrance and advancement in the rapidly growing field of resort and hospitality management. Although based on a large Northern resort area, the course of study is applicable to management of resorts in a wide variety of settings and climates.

Students in the Certificate Program will participate in a balance of classroom studies and hands-on paid co-op/practicum work. The goal of this program is to build academic and professional skills without the time commitment necessary to complete a baccalaureate degree. An RHM Certificate prepares the student for a management track position and provides an excellent base of professional experience to bring to an employer.

The certificate program requires the successful completion of 18 credits under one of two options. Those students without significant resort experience (as determined by the program director) will be required to successfully complete 15 credits of resort management courses as well as a Co-Op at The Killington Resort. Those students wishing to petition the co-op requirement will be required to complete an additional 3 credit Resort management class in its place.

Certificate Schedule

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