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Self-Designed Major

Program Director: Jennifer Baker, M.A.

Programs offered:

  • BA in Self-Designed

Bachelor of Arts in Self-Designed
Students with special academic interests not met by the College’s existing departmental programs may develop a Self-Designed Major organized around broad themes that link courses from two or more academic programs, or a single focus in an area of study in which we have no major. A student interested in pursuing a Self-Designed Major is responsible for developing a proposal using a standard application form, under the direction of a principal and an alternate faculty member selected by the student. The alternate faculty member may be a Green Mountain College faculty or staff member, or an off-campus professional in the proposed field of study. The proposal/application will be submitted for review and approval to the Curriculum Committee.

The proposal for a Self-Designed Major may be submitted at any time after a student reaches Sophomore status, but before he or she reaches Senior status. Proposals should be submitted with the advisor’s signed approval to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee in the semester prior to the one in which the student plans to begin the program.

A Self-Designed Major will consist of 36 to 48 credits of college work, with generally no more than 21 credits in one department. The majority of courses will be upper-level courses. A final project will be completed in the student’s last semester to demonstrate accomplishment and will generally be pursued as an independent study course (SDE 4000). Note: All students are required to complete 33 credits of upper-division work (3000-4000 level courses).

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