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Environmental Liberal Arts

General Education Requirements

Green Mountain College has a national reputation for our signature Environmental Liberal Arts Program, better known as ELA. A liberal arts education provides students the ability to learn and to apply both new and old knowledge in innovative ways.

This is a foundation for career success, seeking and living a good life, and post-baccalaureate study. The core themes of the environment and sustainability define the philosophy of a liberal arts education at the College, allowing students to develop analytical skills and wisdom acquired by grappling with some of the most important issues of our time.

The ELA Program helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and inclinations required of citizens who choose to help build a sustainable world. It ensures that our graduates are well prepared to succeed in a future marked by rapid changes and difficult decisions; a future that will require well-developed intellectual skills, substantial knowledge, and courage.

In the ELA, students learn to think in terms of systems, to express themselves with clarity and precision in speech and writing, to identify and analyze complex physical and social problems accurately using accepted methodologies, to understand the cultural and historical contexts which shape the present environment, and to develop creative and effective solutions to a range of problems.

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