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College Honors Program

The Honors Program at Green Mountain College promotes academic excellence and intellectual rigor across the campus through the ELA curriculum, Honors Forum, and extracurricular scholarly activities. The Program is dedicated to building community among honors students, thus creating an inviting environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and the aggressive pursuit of knowledge.

Honors Requirements
Green Mountain College’s Honors Program is organized around our innovative Environmental Liberal Arts Program (ELA) and a one credit Honors Forum course. Honors students register for the Honors section of the four ELA core courses. These sections area specifically designed for Honors students, allowing students to delve deeply into course material and challenge themselves with difficult and important issues. Honors students also register for honors sections of ELA distribution courses (see the course rotation below) so that the total ELA honors credit completed in the Honors Program equals twenty-four (24) ELA credits. In extreme and unusual cases (i.e., student studies abroad for a semester or a year), students can take a non-honors ELA distribution course as an Independent Study for honors credit with permission from the Honors Director, course instructor, and Dean of Faculty. Exceptions will be made for students who are not admitted to the honors program as freshmen—sophomores are required to complete eighteen (18) ELA honors credits, juniors and seniors are required to complete twelve (12) ELA honors credits. Progressive students will only be required to complete the Honors sections of the ELA core courses.

Students must maintain a 3.30 GPA minimum every semester to remain in the Honors Program. If a student falls below this minimum, they will need permission from the Honors Director to take further honors courses with the expectation that they will bring their overall GPA back up to a 3.30 within one year, and formally be reinstated back into the Honors Program.

Honors Forum
Besides the twenty-four ELA credits, Honors students complete a one credit Honors Forum course. This is ideally completed during their freshman year. This course and a completed eportfolio is required for a Certificate in the Honors Program. In the Honors Forum, students will construct an electronic portfolio that will eventually become their resume. The eportfolio prepares students for graduate school or the job market upon graduation at Green Mountain College. Students post their eportfolio on the Honors webpage, and complete it upon graduation. In Honors Forum, students receive extra faculty mentorship in identifying research, publishing, and conference opportunities, as well as community service, leadership, awards, and internship opportunities. The course also provides a setting for students to discuss their professional goals, and culminates in a paper and presentation that clearly articulates not only these academic goals, but the means to achieve them while at GMC. A completed eportfolio fulfills a minimum of two out of eight academic opportunities by graduation: publish a paper in an undergraduate scholarly journal; co-author a paper with a professor for a peer-reviewed journal; present at an academic conference; participate in a study-abroad course; serve as an undergraduate research assistant; complete two foreign language courses for credit; complete a summer internship; and/or write an Honors thesis.

Honors students also have opportunities to participate in Honors seminars throughout their college career, and are by special invitation included in select College functions, including meetings and dinners with visiting speakers and dignitaries. Honors students may also apply to the Honors Floor, a special section of housing reserved for program participants that includes study rooms and facilities, and to SAGE hall.

The Honors Certificate
Students who complete all requirements of the College Honors Program, while maintaining an overall grade point average of 3.30 or higher, will be awarded an Honors Certificate recognizing their special academic achievement. In addition, both your College diploma and your official transcript will note your successful completion of work required for College Honors.

The Honors Society
Juniors and seniors in the College Honors Program automatically receive membership in the College Honors Society. Students must maintain a 3.30 GPA to remain in the Honors Society. The Honors Society also gives you opportunities to interact socially and on special projects with other students whose ability and initiative match your own.

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