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Student Accounts

Correspondence concerning student account affairs should be addressed to the Student Financial Services Office. All financial commitments billed to date must be satisfied before a transcript will be released, registration for a subsequent term, or participation in graduation. Additional miscellaneous charges assessed to accounts during the academic year will be billed accordingly to student for the responsible party as designated by the account responsibility form.. The $364 student activities fee is used to subsidize almost all student sponsored social and cultural activities. These may include films, dances, concerts, ski buses, picnics, student greening and other events as planned. The use of these funds is planned by the Student Government in consultation with the Director of Campus Activities. All students are assessed activities fees and technology fees, regardless of program of enrollment.

The Green Mountain College Board of Trustees reserves the right, with reasonable notice, to adjust all fees and programs in accordance with changing costs of operation.

New Students
A $400 Enrollment deposit is required for first-time/transfer students: Enrollment deposits are non-refundable and can be paid by check, credit card or money order.

Upper class Students
A registration deposit is not required for returning, upper class students.

Poultney Campus Student Charges

Per credit rate: $1036
The per credit rate applies to part-time students (enrolled in 1-11 credits) and credit overloads.

* Indicates fee for new students only.
** Applies to students with single occupancy only.
*** Applies to students with a single occupancy in double rooms only.

Students who change their course load during the period of drop/add week will have an adjustment made to their tuition accounts, depending on whether they go above or below half-time/full-time status. Any changes may also affect a student’s financial aid package. Following drop/add week, any courses dropped during the rest of the semester will not result in a change to the student’s account.

Fall semester balances are due on or before July 15. Spring semester balances are due on or before January 3.

Resort Management and Hospitality Management Programs
A separate fee structure applies.

B.S. in Resort & Hospitality Management

^ Internships: 3 credits - $1,882.00
* Indicates fee for new students only
** Applies to students with single occupancy only.

• 120 credits (matriculated)
• 3 year Program
• Trimester schedule (13 weeks each)
Meal Plan: Students living on Killington Site must be on meal plan

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program: Certificate in Resort Management
• 18 credits
• Non-Matriculated
• Pass/fail grading
• $7,920 total for the certificate (18 credits)
• Charges are prorated based on number of credits per trimester:
3 credits = $1,320
6 credits = $2,640
9 credits = $3,960
12 credits = $5,280
15 credits = $6,600
18 credits = $7,920

Certificate Program: Certificate in Resort Management
• 18 Credits
• Non-Matriculated
• Graded
$1036.00 per credit 1 – 11 credits; $15,538.00 for 12-18 credits

Neither on campus housing nor financial aid is available for either Certificate Program.

Payment Due Dates
First trimester charges are due on or before July 15. Second trimester charges are due on or before December 6. Third trimester charges are due on or before March 5.

Internships & Co-Ops
Students enrolled in the Adventure Recreation, Natural Resource Management, and Youth Development & Camp Management programs who are taking a 12-credit internship will be charged full tuition whether during the fall, spring or summer term. Students enrolled in the Business, Interdisciplinary Studies, Art, Environmental Studies, and English programs who are taking a 3-6 credit internship will be charged a per credit rate if taking during the summer. If taken during the fall or spring semester it will be included in the full tuition cost, only if credit hours go above 18 will there be an additional charge. These charges will be based on the tuition rate for the academic year in which the internship is completed.

Students engaged in internships must provide their own transportation. Students enrolled in a campus-based internship are required to pay tuition, room, board and all mandatory fees. Students enrolled in an off campus internship are required to pay tuition and technology. Students enrolled in an off campus internship must provide their own living expenses.

Medical Insurance
All domestic students are required to complete an online waiver via the MyGMC website if they have medical insurance and they do not wish to be enrolled in the College’s medical plan. Student accounts will be charged for the premium and accounts will be adjusted when proof of insurance is provided. Proof of insurance must be received by September 9, 2013, after this date, the online waiver will close, students will be responsible for the medical insurance fee and no adjustments will be made.

All international students are required to purchase the College’s insurance and the premium will be reflected on the student accounts. Students starting in the spring semester are required to provide proof of insurance by a date to be determined in January, 2014.

Payment of Charges

All charges must be at a satisfactory status through the Student Financial Services Office before students will be admitted to residence halls or classrooms. All charges billed to date must be paid before a student can receive transcripts, register for the following term or participate in commencement.

Other Fees and Charges
Part Time Credits
Students taking 1 – 11 credits will be billed $1,036.00 per credit.

Excess Credits
Students taking more than 18 credits will be billed $1,036.00 per credit.

A fee of $50 is charged to each undergraduate student who is a candidate for graduation. If a student does not graduate due to academic deficiency, the fee will be refunded.

Phone and Internet Service
Internet service is provided free of charge to all Green Mountain College students living on campus. Direct telephone lines are provided free of charge on the Poultney campus. However, local and long distance usage charges will be billed directly to the person responsible for the account. Information regarding this service can be obtained through the Auxiliary Services Office.

Property Damage
Although there is no deposit required to cover property damage, students are held responsible for any damages incurred and will be assessed accordingly.

Transcript requests are usually processed in 5-7 business days. Transcripts needed within 2-3 business days may be requested for an additional fee. Issuance of transcripts may be slightly delayed during peak times of operation in the Registrar’s Office. Two free transcripts will be issued, upon request, to current matriculated students. Additional transcripts are $5.00 each. The fee for a rush transcript is $10.00 for each transcript requested. The College does not issue copies of transcripts on file from other institutions. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have outstanding financial obligations to the College.

Optional Fees
Purchases at campus store, including books & supplies, may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Music lessons on some instruments are offered by arrangement with local instructors. Rates are established yearly and charged to the student account. Horseback riding is offered at a local ranch, with a fee paid directly to the provider.

Scuba lessons are given by a certified instructor. Rates are established yearly with fee paid directly to the provider.

Students must provide their own transportation for the above listed activities. Activities selected by students as part of their Health and Well Being or Leisure Appreciation course may have fees attached.

Professional Certification Course Fees
Courses offering professional certification (such as Adventure Recreation certification tracks) or extensive field experiences may carry a course fee.

Students should either complete the College’s withdrawal form and return it to the Residence Life Office or provide verbal notice of their intent to withdraw. The date on which either of these is completed will be the student’s withdrawal date. For instances of unofficial withdrawals, the College will use the last documented recorded date of attendance in class as the student’s date of withdrawal.

The following refund schedule reflects the requirement that the College commit its resources to its faculty and services for the entire year. Notwithstanding any statement or representation, written or oral, made in any other College publications or otherwise, to the contrary hereof, the College refund policy as to College charges is a follows.

Institutional Charges and Institutional Financial Aid
Students who withdraw will receive the following refund:

Adjustments to institutional financial aid will follow the outline above. For example: If a student is charged 25% of institutional charges, then they will receive 25% of previously awarded institutional financial aid.

Adjustments to Federal Financial Aid will be calculated in accordance to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds policy. The Federal Return of Title IV Funds policy determines the amount of aid earned by dividing the number of calendar days in each semester up to the official withdrawal date by the total number of calendar days in each semester. The date of official withdrawal is determined by the last date of attendance or the date determined by the appropriate college official.
The “unearned” portion of aid is refunded to the appropriate programs in the following order:


  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Subsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal PLUS Loan
  • Federal PELL, Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grants
  • Federal SEOG
  • State/Institutional Funds
  • Student


For example: If a student withdraws on the 8th day of a semester which contains 108 total days, then they would be eligible to maintain 7.4% of their federal financial aid (8 days divided by 108 days). All federal financial aid deemed eligible will be applied against tuition, room/board and fees, and the portion determined as not earned will be refunded to the appropriate programs in the above stated order.

Administrative Withdrawal Refunds
No refunds for tuition, room, board and fees are given for administrative withdrawals, including, but not limited to, disciplinary action that results in the suspension or dismissal of a student.

Federal Financial Aid Recipient Refund Policy
When students use financial aid to pay for tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and board, any refundable amount is returned to the appropriate Title IV program (i.e., Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant; PLUS, and Stafford loans), based on the current policy specified by Title IV regulations. The full amount of a student’s refund will be used to restore funds to the Title IV federal account from which aid was received, regardless of any unpaid balance that may still be owed to the College. Students considering withdrawing from the College during a semester are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office. Please note that any remaining balance on the account, after withdrawal adjustments, is due and payable.

Registration Deposits
$400 Registration deposit for first-time/transfer students: Deposits for applicants beginning classes in the Fall semester are non-refundable. Deposits for first-time students beginning classes in January are non-refundable.

Probation and Federal Financial Aid: Please see complete policy in Academic Program chapter.

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