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Past Service-Learning Courses

General Chemistry II (CHE 1022)
Prof. Susan Sutheimer
Students: 11, Total Hours: 66
Community Partner: Poultney Historical Society

Students visited the Poultney Historical Society’s Melodeon Factory Museum and each chose the names of several medicines from a mid nineteenth century pharmaceutical kit. Students then researched their medicines and filled out a form describing the use and characteristics of each. On a return trip they investigated medical artifacts from the same period and helped to design a display for the Vermont History Expo in June. For reflection we discussed the benefits of this type of project for learning chemistry.

Outdoor Living Skills (Rec 1041)
Prof. Tom Stuessy
Students: 9, Total Hours: 54
Community Partner: Fair Haven School

The Outdoor Living Skills course hosted outdoor skills workshops for Fair Haven Elementary School 5th and 6th graders. For reflection, students wrote about how to set up learning situations as well as how to change teaching styles in the outdoor environment.

Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3013)
Prof. Joan C. Mulligan
Students: 13, Total hours: 39
Community partners: Dismas House, 47 Main Street & Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter

The students received tours, interviewed staff and helped with projects: some cooked at the Dismas house, some prepared a meal at 47 Main Street or participated in a group meeting or walk with the residents. At Serenity House one group cleaned out an old barn to prepare for construction of a work-out area for residents. For reflection students shared their experiences orally and also wrote a reflective paper.

Introduction To Ecological Design and Economics (ECO 3025)
Prof. Steven Letendre
Students: 22, Total Hours: 468

In this course, students designed a prototype ecologically sustainable dorm building for Green Mountain College. Students investigated the energy performance, sustainable materials, heating options, and spatial design to promote community cooperation among potential residents. This project is in service to the College. Students presented their final design to the College's administration.

Voices of Community
Eleanor Tison
Students: 30, Total Hours: 60
Partner: Poultney Historical Society, Oral History Project, Poultney High School

Selected students in this ELA core writing course developed research paper topics related to the local community’s recent history and incorporate at least one oral history interview with an older resident of the Poultney area. Recorded interviews were added to the archives of the Poultney Historical Society Oral History Project.

Public Policy & The Environment (ENV 2011 )
Prof. Rebecca Purdom
Students: 28, Total Hours: 700

The public policy students, using available data, drafted an invasive species management policy for the College. Students used two different reflection methods- a project specific learning goals analysis, and a self group work process and product assessment tool.

Law and Society (ELA 2014 )
Prof. Rebecca Purdom
Students: 12, Total Hours: 192
Community Partner: Vermont Court Administrator’s office

Working from the model Drug Court, students provided a practical, constitutional and philosophical education of the proposed (and highly controversial) “Women’s Court” for the Vermont Court Administrator’s office. Reflection includes a final memo for the UCA, individualized reflective papers on product and skill development, and significant classroom discussion with instructor and community partners.

Environmental Education: Interpretation (EDU 2012)
Prof. Teresa Coker
Students: 10, Total Hours: 200
Community Partners: Poultney Historical Society, Rutland County Forester, Poultney – Mettowee Watershed, GIS Class- John Van Hoesen.

The class created a historical walking tour brochure of East Poultney for the Poultney Historical Society and environmental interpretative signs on the Poultney Educational Nature Trail for the Mettowee Watershed Partnership. The class also provided educational programming for children at the Maple Fest Event on GMC’s campus. Students wrote a reflection on what they contributed to each project and what they learned from being involved.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (ENV 2010)
Prof. John Van Hoesen
Students: 11,Total Hours: 429

Students in the Intro to GIS course chose one of three projects: Create a digital database (library) for slate mines within the Slate Valley, create posters depicting a variety of maps illustrating the spatial and temporal development of the slate industry in this region, or work with Prof. Teresa Coker to develop interpretive maps of the Poultney Trail System. Students kept a journal and completed a reflective questionnaire.

Forest Ecology and Management (BIO 3025 )
Prof. Jim Graves
Students: 20, Total Hours: 116
Community Partners: Green Mountain College and Poultney Mettowee Natural Resource Conservation District

The forest ecology and management class applied management recommendations for control of Garlic Mustard on campus. The class demonstrated an effective hand-pulling method for Garlic Mustard control, clearing the campus of Garlic Mustard plants (year one of a multi-year plan), and making recommendations for management of 20 other invasive species. The class also conducted workshops on control of invasive species at Enivonmental Expo. Students reflected on the Service Learning project in papers and class discussion.

Introduction to Outdoor Recreation Resources (REC 2031)
Prof. Thayer Raines
Students: 22, Total Hours: 220
Community Partner: Green Mountain Club

Each student was required to spend a day as a team member reconstructing a section of the Appalachian Trail in Gifford Woods State Park. This experience served as a focal point of reference for a number of in-class discussions regarding the wise use, preservation, restoration and management of natural resources for recreation.

Essentials of Challenge Course Technology (REC 3008)
Prof. Thayer Raines
Students: 8, Total Hours: 192
Community Partner: Poultney Elementary School

Students hosted a two-day team development workshop for the 6th grade classes at Poultney Elementary School using the GMC ropes course. Class goals were: appreciation of diversity, peer respect, conflict resolution, cooperation, and improved decision making. Reflection was carried out verbally in small and large groups. The 6th grade students provided written feedback. A one-month post-workshop evaluation was conducted to assess retention of team-building behavior, to identify the most memorable experience, and to obtain suggestions for improvement.

Recreation Seminar (REC 4051)
Prof. Thayer Raines
Students: 22, Total Hours: 660
Students created a full-day symposium on the theme of recreation and technology. Students managed all aspects of the symposium including public relations, marketing, logistics, budgeting, publications, registration and evaluation. The class created seven workshops on the following topics: Technology & Climbing, Outdoor Recreation & Competitive Sport Technology, Artificial Technology, The Impacts of Environmental Manipulation for Recreation, Technology & Board Sports, Technological Trends in Environmentally Minded Therapeutic Recreation, and Technology & the Ski Industry. Debrief included a review of strengths and areas of possible improvement, peer and audience evaluation. Several faculty provided formal written feedback.

Images of Nature (ELA 1000 12)
Prof. Eleanor Tison
Students: 20, Total Hours: 90
Community Partners: Various

As one of the learning goals for this core Environmental Liberal Arts course is to develop a sense of personal responsibility--to consider one's role in and effects on a variety of communities--each of the 20 students in the class participated in a service learning project. Projects varied from volunteering at campus events, such as the Senior Games, the Welsh Harvest Festival, and Faculty/Staff family holiday socials, to projects in service to Poultney community partners such as the Garden Club of East Poultney, Stonebridge Inn committee, and Poultney High School. The entire class hosted 12 Poultney High School 8th graders for group presentations about college writing and a tour of campus and the renewable energy projects on the GMC farm.

Environmental Science (ELA 1013)
Prof. Susan Sutheimer
Community Partner: Fernhill Environmental Center

Students designed a handicapped access ramp using environmentally friendly materials for Fernhill Environmental Center, presenting group ideas to a representative from Fernhill and reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages of each design.

Biology I (BIO 1021)
Prof. Meriel Brooks
Community Partner: Poultney Educational Trail

Students developed interpretive materials for the section of the Poultney Educational Trail that runs through the Green Mountain campus. These materials primarily consist of brochures designed to carry along as one walks the trail.

Leisure Systems Design and Evaluation (REC 4031)
Prof. Jim Harding
Community Partner: Rutland City Parks and Recreation

This class worked with the supervisor of Rutland City Parks and Recreation to conduct a region-wide inventory of recreation facilities and programs. This information helped to plan for the scope of services offered in the Rutland Regional Recreation Center. The students reflected on this work in the form of both a written document and a formal presentation given to staff members from Rutland City Parks and Recreation.

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