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Project Management

Depending upon your course, the project, and the capacities of your students, you may want to do nearly all project management yourself or delegate significant portions of project management to your students. Community partners may also play a minor role in project management.

Components of Project Management*:

  • Initiating the process.
  • Planning the project and service-learning experience. See Project Design.
  • Executing the project and service-learning experience.
  • Maintaining the project and experience (incl. project logistics, providing continual opportunities to relate the project to course content and to do ongoing reflection, checking in with both students and community partners, and dealing with any issues that arise).
  • Closing: Evaluate the experience for all involved: the students, the professor, the community partner, and the recipients of the service.

There are several areas that should be addressed throughout the project. Some of these might be fairly easily assigned to individual students or delegated to the partner. These include:

  • Integration of service-learning with the course content
  • Clearly defining the scope of the project
  • Managing time effectively and developing milestones as 'check-in' points
  • Identifying and addressing any costs that may arise
  • Maintaining the quality of the service and the experience
  • Managing human resources through scheduling, group organization, etc.
  • Maintaining communications between professor, students, partners, and others
  • Managing risk

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