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Speakers Bureau Guidelines

Purpose & Mission
The Green Mountain College Speakers Bureau will develop and implement guidelines and procedures for the acquisition of funding for individual speakers and speaker series at Green Mountain College. Additionally, this body will administer such guidelines and procedures, and will approve funding for such programs.

Funding Criteria of the Speakers Bureau
The Green Mountain College Speakers Bureau will fund programs that meet the following criteria:

  • Programs must demonstrate outcomes that reflect the mission of Green Mountain College.
  • Programs must directly support or enhance current course offerings or academic initiatives.
  • Programs must serve to enhance the relationship between Green Mountain College and constituencies outside the institution (local, corporate, or academic). The more audiences (classes, groups and outside organizations) your speaker can address the more value it is to the College and the local community.

Funding Priorities of the Speakers Bureau
Groups or individuals seeking to fund a speaker’s visit to GMC must provide at least 50% of the total cost (including speaker fees, overnight stays, travel, meals, or other expenses). The Speakers Bureau is especially interested in encouraging programs that are accessible and of interest to the general public, as well as to the campus community.

Requests for Funding
All College students, faculty and staff may request of the Speakers Bureau funding for both individual speakers and speaker series, within the following guidelines:

  • The Green Mountain College Speakers Bureau will fund a maximum of $500.00 for speakers. Under exceptional circumstances, additional funding may be requested. All requests for funding must be made no later than three weeks before the program is scheduled to occur.
  • Each request for funding must be accompanied by the appropriate completed application.
  • Successful applicants are expected to promote and publicize the speaking events they sponsor.
  • The speaking event must be held on campus
  • Student requests must have a faculty sponsor

Approval of Funding
Speaker grants will be allocated on a competitive basis to individuals or groups that demonstrate how the goals of the program meet the funding criteria and priorities of the Speakers Bureau. Grants will be approved by a simple majority vote of the bureau. Applicants will be notified of approval within 48 hours of the vote. Applicants who are not approved for funding will be issued a letter from the chair of the Speakers Bureau explaining why the funding request was not approved. When you receive funding, please give Speakers Bureau credit in your list of sponsors and acknowledgements.

Deadlines for Applications
The Green Mountain College Speakers Bureau will consider applications for funding at regular meetings during the first three months of each term. Please contact James Harding, (802) 287-8210 for current application deadlines. Because funding is limited, applications turned in at the beginning of the academic year will have a much better chance of receiving approval.

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