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Speakers Bureau Host Checklist

Once you have received funds from the Speakers Bureau to help sponsor your event/speaker, you’re work has just begun! This checklist has been provided to help you while planning your event. There are many resources on campus available to make your event a success and to ensure that 1) all the needs of your speaker are met, and 2) your event is well attended. As soon as you have secured funds to sponsor your event:

  • Reserve appropriate room for your event on-line

  • Reserve appropriate audio/visual equipment (LCD, laptop, screen) for your event through

  • Reserve microphone, speakers, etc. through the Department of Student Involvement. If your event is in Ackley auditorium, contact Ryan Ihrke at 287-8371 to reserve the space and for A/V needs.

  • Arrange for meals and lodging for your speaker. If your speaker will be staying at the Two Editors, you can reserve a room with the facilities use form.

  • Please provide a single check request to your department's administrative assistant with the following information: 1.) Full name of the speaker. 2.) Full mailing address. 3.)Speaker's social security number. 4.)A list of your funding sources (including Speakers Bureau) with the dollar amount they are contributing. If the speaker is part of an organization, then a business certification number will be necessary in lieu of the speaker's personal social security number. The administrative assistant will insert the budget numbers.

  • Add your event and details to the Daily Campus Events Calendar by emailing Tim Donaghy at least 48 hours prior to the occasion with date, location, title, and time.

  • Begin to target the specific audience you intend to attract. Send an announcement to the Lakes Region Free Press two weeks in advance at (518) 642-1234. For more advice on outreach, please contact Kevin Coburn at 287-8926.
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