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Speakers & Topics


    Dr. Thomas Mauhs-Pugh, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs; Professor of Education

      Presentation topics include:

      • Education policy, history and philosophy

    Dr. William Throop, Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies

      Presentation topics include:

      • Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Science, Technology and Society, Theory and Knowledge

      Presentation titles include:

      • "The Healer and The Gardner: Two Paradigms of Ecological Restoration"

      • "Plain Members of the Biotic Community; Leopold's Land Ethic"

      • "Educating Citizens, Animals and Ecosystems; Managing the Moral Dilemmas"

    Dr. Mitch Lescarbeau, Professor of English; Chair, Department of English, Philosophy, and Communications

      Presentation topics include:

      • Poetry and Literature

      Presentation titles include:

      • "Nature in Poetry"

      • "Romantic and Victorian Poetry"

      • "Modern American Poetry"

      • "Literature of the Sea"

    Dr. Laird Christensen, Associate Professor of English Literature and Environmental Studies

      Presentation topics include:

      • Environmental Literature, Native American Literature, Poetry, Intentional Communities, Bioregionalism

      Presentation titles include:

      • "Ecology and Religion; Writing the Watershed"

      • "Sacred Poetry in the Age of Ecology"

    Dr. Meriel Brooks, Associate Professor of Biology; Director, Environmental Liberal Arts Program; Program Director of Biology

      Presentation topics include:

      • Management of Freshwater Ecosystems, Fish, Fisheries, Aquatics Ecology, Evolution, biology, Biotechnology, Bagpipes and Pipe Bands

      Presentations titles include:

      • "Assessing Ecological Risk in Agricultural Biotechnology"

      • "Is Fisheries Management Missing the Boat?"

      • " What's in your Water?" (for children)

    To schedule a speaker, please contact Deborah Mackey, (802) 287-8392. When you call, please have the following information available:

    • Your name, address, phone number

    • Your organization

    • The date, time and place of the meeting

    • The nature of the occasion and the age and size of the audience

    • The type and length of presentation you desire

    • The topic(s) you wish to be covered

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