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Common Questions for
GMC Students

The following are some answers to questions frequently asked by GMC students considering studying abroad.

How does tuition work?
Green Mountain College students on a GMC-sponsored exchange program (Nagoya, Hannam, or Aberystwyth) will continue to pay full time tuition to Green Mountain College. Travel courses and short-term language immersion programs require additional fees. Students who chose to do semester-long programs through another institution will withdraw from GMC for the semester and pay tuition to the host institution. All lab fees for courses taken at another school will be paid by the student directly to the host institution they are visiting.

Who pays room and board?
Green Mountain students will pay all room and board charges directly to the institution they are visiting. For travel courses, Brunnenburg, and the short-term language immersion programs, room and board is included in the cost of the program.

How long can I attend another school?
GMC students may attend another institution for up to a full academic year.

When can I attend another school?
GMC students planning for a semester abroad should go during the second half of their sophomore year or their junior year. Travel courses, Brunnenburg, and the language immersion programs can be done at any time in a student’s academic career.

Won’t it be difficult to study abroad if I am majoring in “X”?
While it can be more challenging for students in certain majors to find space for off-campus study in their schedules, it is usually possible. The exchange programs offer a wide range of classes that can fit students in many majors, and some programs take place in the summer and so do not interfere with other coursework. If you are concerned about finding a study abroad option that fits your major, set up a time to talk with GMC’s director of international programs to find out what choices might work for you.

Will my credits transfer back to Green Mountain?
Most classes taken off campus will transfer back to GMC. Students are responsible for meeting with their advisors and making sure that the courses to be taken at another campus will fit into their program at GMC before they leave for off-campus study.

Are travel expenses covered?
Green Mountain students are responsible for making the proper arrangements and paying for their transportation to the institution they will be attending.

Do I need to fill out an application?
All GMC-sponsored international study programs have an application process. Contact the director of international programs for information on due dates and to get a copy of the application. Generally, the application process takes place the semester before the travel will occur.

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