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Pre-Law Programs

Green Mountain College wants to support students who are interested in law and policy careers and offers two related and complimentary programs in Pre-Law.

First, GMC offers the Pre-Law Certificate Program, which constitutes a directed course of study intended to give students the skills and background knowledge necessary to succeed in law school. Students who successfully complete this program receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to take advantage of GMC’s articulation agreement which guarantees admission to Vermont Law School if certain requirements are meet.

Second, GMC offers a Dual Degree Program with our close partner, Vermont Law School. This joint endeavor between GMC and VLS allows academically qualified and highly motivated students the opportunity to matriculate into the Juris Doctor (J.D.), Masters of Environmental Law and Policy (M.E.L.P.), or Masters of Energy Regulation and Law (M.E.R.L.) programs at Vermont Law School during their senior year at GMC. The dual degree program is designed for students who want to combine their broad-based environmental liberal arts undergraduate experience with a focused graduate course of study from VLS, the top environmental law school in the country. Although these programs are open to any B.A. or B.S. major, students wishing to enroll in these programs should pursue a course of study that is reading and writing intensive.

The benefits of the dual degree are both programmatic and financial. As noted in the description of the Pre-Law Certificate Program, GMC offers a curriculum of undergraduate courses specifically designed to prepare students for law school. Dual degree students can create a seamless transition between undergraduate and law school education by taking advantage of these preparatory courses at GMC. The dual degree program also helps students save money because they can complete bachelor’s and J.D. degrees in six years as opposed to the usual seven. Alternately, they can complete bachelor’s and M.E.L.P. or M.E.R.L. degrees in four years instead of the usual five.

All students in the Pre-Law Certificate and Dual Degree programs receive rigorous advising through the members of the Pre-Law Committee. However, pre-law advising is available and encouraged for all GMC students interested in law or policy careers, regardless of whether or not a student chooses to participate in either of the programs described above. Students are encouraged to contact any of the members of the Pre-Law Faculty Committee for more information:

Chris Brooks, Program Director
Sam Edwards
Eleanor Tison
Tom Williams

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