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GMC-VLS Dual Degree Program

Eligibility and Requirements

GMC students must declare their intention to enter into a dual degree program and submit a complete application to the Pre-Law Committee by the end of their freshmen year. Due to the fact that these programs require careful scheduling, early enrollment is preferred. Students may declare their intention to complete a dual degree program when they enter GMC, but they must complete at least one semester of college courses before applying to the program formally. To enter a dual degree program, students must meet the following requirements:

- Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3.
- Develop a plan to complete all major requirements and ELA    requirements, ;except those that can be fulfilled by a law school   course, by the end of junior year.
- Submit a statement of interest to the Pre-Law Committee by the end    of freshmen year.

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission to Vermont Law School. All candidates must complete the application process required of all Law School applicants by no later than February of their junior year. To increase chances of acceptance it is recommended that all dual degree candidates complete the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) during October of their junior year, and no later than February of their junior year.

GMC has an automatic admissions agreement with VLS (see Pre-Law Certificate Program). Normally students who are recommended by the Pre-Law Committee and achieve a GPA and LSAT score above the mean acceptance scores of the prior year are automatically accepted into VLS. Dual degree program candidates typically complete their major and ELA requirements by the end of their junior year, and the first year of Law School satisfies the remaining thirty (30) undergraduate degree requirements. GMC will count all Vermont Law School credits as elective credits towards the B.A. or B.S. degrees. All grades earned at VLS and transferred for credit at GMC will count towards the student’s undergraduate GPA. The bachelor’s degree will be conferred immediately upon successful completion of the first two semesters of Law School, assuming all GMC requirements are met. No credit may be given by Vermont Law School for any undergraduate academic work completed before the student’s regular matriculation into the first year of the J.D. or M.E.L.P. program at VLS. Should a dual degree student arrive at VLS and choose not to complete a graduate degree the student may still apply credits earned at VLS towards completion of a bachelor’s degree at GMC.

In certain circumstances, and only by special permission of the Pre-Law Committee and the Academic Standards Committee, dual degree students may be able to count up to nine (9) credits from VLS towards their major upper division electives requirement. Students wishing to count VLS credits towards their major requirements must petition the Academic Standards Committee.

During the three years of undergraduate study, dual degree students pay tuition and fees to Green Mountain College at the undergraduate rate. During the fourth year and beyond, dual degree students will pay tuition and fees to Vermont Law School at the Law School rate.

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