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Rich in Tradition, Ready for Today

Along with its maple groves and dairy farms, Vermont has long been fertile ground for philosophers, scientists, artists and environmentalists seeking answers to challenges faced by humanity. Green Mountain College has contributed to this tradition since its founding in 1834.

The benefits of a liberal arts education certainly aren’t new. The liberal arts give you the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems and make connections across the disciplines. The liberal arts are still relevant today — now more than ever. As we discover more about the complex relationships between human and natural systems, we understand that how we raise our food, how we transport ourselves, how we build our homes and fuel our economy will have big impacts on human society and the environment.

That’s why our “Environmental Liberal Arts” general education program is such an integral part of the GMC experience. We infuse environmental awareness into every major. Whether you study biology or art, agriculture or business, you will be equipped with skills that are relevant in today’s job market, while immersing you in the ideals of service, environmental responsibility, and global understanding.

“Our relation to the natural world takes place in a place, and it must be grounded in information and experience. From the vantage points of such places, and with the benefit of such experience, we might yet learn the compassion and see the possibilities needed to live more fully and sustainably in this global age.”

— Laird Christensen Professor of English Literature and Environmental Studies; Director, Graduate Program in Resilient and Sustainable Communities

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