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Lauren “Jojo” Buss

Lauren "Jojo" Buss, a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said that she “sensed” Green Mountain College would be the right school.

“I saw it on College Board and it seemed interesting,” she said, “Vermont seemed nice. My mom and I visited on a whim and I felt this is a place I would enjoy.”

Jojo will be one of the last GMC students graduating under the now-disbanded Youth Development and Camp Management major.

“I was never big into traditional school subjects,” she said, “senior year of high school I sat down and thought ‘what have I excelled in, and what have I enjoyed? What can I spend four years studying?’ One consistent thing in my life has been camp; I’ve been going to the same camp for 14 years, since I was 7 years old. GMC had that program and it drew me in.”

Many students on campus notice Jojo as the student-body president of GMC’s student senate, which she won during the Spring 2013 semester by popular vote, and an enthusiastic and vocal captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team, the Flying Squirrels. Jojo leads the team through almost-daily practices and occasional tournaments scattered throughout the nation.

In addition to her major, Jojo is working toward a minor in sustainable business that she supplements by working as human-resources manager of the student-run Coffee House and the president of student-admissions ambassadors.

Jojo is confident about her future in camping. However, it may be some time before she commits to her future career.

“You need at least four or five years at one camp job before it gets serious. I’m not prepared to make that long-term commitment yet. I want to spend a few years after graduation doing different things,” she said.

“People always talk about wanting to travel abroad,” she said, “I’d like to travel the United States. It’s important to first see the country we live in.”

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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