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How to Give to GMC

There are many ways that you can give to GMC.

Click here to make your gift now.

Send your check to:
Green Mountain College Development Office
Richardson Alumni House
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764

Making a gift using appreciated securities will, in many cases, allow the donor to support GMC, while deducting and receiving gift credit for the full value of the stock on the date of transfer, avoid all capital gains taxes on the appreciation. For more information about making a stock donation, contact Mary Lou Willits, GMC Director of Development, at (802) 287-8316.

Gift Annuity
Charitable gift annuities, and other life income gifts, pay you income for life at very favorable rates of return, while giving you an immediate tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing you will have supported Green Mountain College. An annuity is established with the College and money or property is transferred to fund it. In exchange, the College agrees to pay you an annual set percentage, based on age, for the rest of your life. For many people this can be a great way to earn significantly more income on low-yield assets, giving you more spending money. Please contact Mary Lou Willits, GMC Director of Development, at (802) 287-8316 for more information.

Real Estate and Property
A gift can be made by transferring ownership of your summer home, condominium in Florida, artwork, or any other real property to the College. With gifts of real estate you can even reserve the right to stay in the property for the rest of your life while, in many cases, bringing immediate tax benefits. For more information on making a gift of real estate please contact Mary Lou Willits, GMC Director of Development, at (802) 287-8316.

Bequests and Estate Gifts
The Jesse Bogue Society recognizes those who have indicated they have included GMC in their estate plans. Many people have chosen to include Green Mountain College as a beneficiary of their estate. This can be done by including the College in your will or by making the College beneficiary of your deferred retirement accounts, life insurance, or charitable trusts. Many people find this the best way for them to make a transformative gift to an institution. Please let us know if you have included us in your estate plans so we can thank you and recognize you, if you wish, as a member of the Jesse Bogue Society. For more information, contact Mary Lou Willits, GMC Director of Development, at (802) 287-8316.

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