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Transfer FAQs

What's the application procedure for transfer students? What are the deadlines?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Before an application for a transfer student can be reviewed, it must include a full record of high school transcripts, a full record of college transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a resume and a personal statement or essay. Transfer students who have completed less than 24 college credits must also submit their SAT or ACT scores. In place of SAT or ACT scores, transfer students may submit an Insight Portfolio and a graded writing sample. To learn more about our Test Optional Policy, click here.

SAT Code: 3418
ACT Code: 4302
FAFSA Code: 003687
CSS Profile Code: 3418

Additional application materials, including a portfolio of class work, a Creative Arts portfolio, an employment portfolio and/or supplemental letters of recommendation, are encouraged.

Once an application is complete the Admissions team will review it. Decisions are typically made within two to three weeks.

What are the requirements for admission for transfer students?
Green Mountain College does not set minimum requirements, but transfer students must demonstrate an ability to succeed at the college level. The Admissions Office uses a holistic approach when reviewing applications. We believe that letters of recommendation, essays, community involvement and leadership experience are very important considerations in the admissions process. All applicants should ensure that the application fully reflects his or her abilities as a student and as a community member.

What is the average financial aid package for transfer students?
90 percent of transfer students receive financial assistance. The average institutional grant/scholarship for students is $12,600. The average total financial aid package, including aid from all sources, totals $22,073. The range of grants awarded to our incoming transfer students each year is $1,000 to $34,288.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Please be sure to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.

Will my credits transfer? How do I transfer credit?
Shortly after you receive your letter of acceptance, you will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation from the Registrar's Office. The Transfer Credit Evaluation will inform you which courses will be accepted in and which courses you will have left to complete in your program of study at Green Mountain. No grade below a C- will be counted toward credit.

Transfer students are reminded that a minimum of 30 credits must be taken at Green Mountain to receive a degree in your field.

To ensure the maximum transfer of credit, please provide official course descriptions and syllabi from all college level courses that you have taken. The most effective way to find out if your credits will transfer is to have all required materials in to the Admissions Office in a timely manner. Send official copies of your high school transcripts and all college transcripts at your earliest convenience.

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