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Ernest Klepeis

Social Media Coordinator

Hometown: New Paltz, NY

Degree: BA, Visual/Performing Arts and Philosophy, Green Mountain College

How would you describe Green Mountain?: The place for every needle in the haystack to call home; A community that will follow you throughout your life.

What's the best place to hang out in the area?: The newest restaurant in town – Taps Tavern! It has some of the best food in the area and heavily utilizes local ingredients.

Favorite Author: Ezra Pound, because he gave America its own literary legacy – Read The Cantos!

When I'm out traveling, I'm never without: My typewriter and a good book of poetry.

Favorite activity on a Saturday afternoon: Either lying in my hammock, playing with some goats, or climbing to the nearest scenic spot.

Favorite place: The Italian Alps, or Venice.

Best part about Vermont: The statewide community – once you’re a Vermonter you’ll understand.

Best advice for applicants: Listen, Learn, and Tell Your Story.

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