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Counselors' FAQ

1. What's going on at Green Mountain College?
Green Mountain continues to grow in size, strength and reputation. To compensate for the growth of our student body, we've made a strong effort to maintain our low student-to-faculty ratio and we have continued to strengthen established programs.

In recent years, we have established new programs in the following undergraduate areas:

Secondary Education in Biology

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production

Renewable Energy & Ecological Design

We also offer three online graduate degree programs.

Sierra Magazine's Coolest Schools
In Summer 2010, Green Mountain College earned the title of greenest college in the nation from Sierra magazine in its annual “Coolest Schools” survey! In recent years, GMC placed in the top 10 Coolest Schools survey.

Campus Biomass Facility
Green Mountain College's combined heat and power biomass facility formally opened on Earth Day in 2010. The plant allows GMC to heat its 155 acres of campus buildings by using green woodchips. It also serves as an open educational laboratory for GMC students and the general public as a destination for people interested in learning how local, renewable resources can provide solutions to energy and environmental challenges.

Sustainability and Climate Neutrality
Green Mountain College is a Charter Participant in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Program. GMC began the journey toward climate neutrality in 2007 and achieved the goal in 2011.

LEED Gold Certification
The home of GMC's former Wellness Center was transformed into a special residence hall called SAGE (Students for Academic and Green Engagement). SAGE Hall garnered GMC's first LEED Gold certification, with space for 26 students who display a passion for learning and academic achievement as well as exemplary service to the campus community.

Test Optional Policy
GMC offers all domestic applicants the opportunity to choose whether standardized test scores will be considered as a part of their admissions application. Our Test Optional Policy allows students to submit additional short essays and a recent, graded writing sample in lieu of standardized test scores.

2. Why did Green Mountain decide to go "test optional"?
The College performed research on the best indicators of student success at school like Green Mountain College. Overwhelmingly, a student's high school GPA, not standardized tests, proved to be the most reliable predictor of student success.

We also wanted to find a way to emphasize students' qualities of environmental awareness, community service and leadership in the admissions process. The Insight Portfolio allows students to accomplish this through their submission of additional essays in place of standardized tests.

To learn more about our Test Optional Policy, please click here.

3. What kind of student does well at Green Mountain College?
Our students are aware. They are environmentally and socially conscious. They want to contribute in a positive way to their community, their region and their world. They are also active learners, so they want to be participants, not spectators, in their education. They're excited about our opportunities in internships, service learning, independent studies and our off-campus study programs.

Our students are also adventurous and always looking to get outdoors. They look forward to the change of seasons and they're more at home learning in a nature preserve over a lecture hall. GMC students are creative. You'll often find them playing a guitar or djembe on the campus lawns, and they rarely go anywhere without a camera.

4. How does GMC evaluate applicants?
GMC is growing, while also increasing in selectivity. We are looking for well-qualified students who are primed to succeed in our unique curriculum. We do not set minimums for admission; no decision will be made on any student until every piece of the application is read and evaluated. Required aspects for admission include the following:

Transcript(s) -- We evaluate the difficulty of courses taken, and the achievement in coursework; we also make note of unique learning experiences a student has had.

Letter(s) of Recommendation -- At least one letter of recommendation is required from an individual who can assess the student's ability to achieve in the classroom. Additional letters of recommendation are encouraged.

Personal Statement -- A 250-500 word essay is required on a topic of the student's choice.

Standardized Test Scores OR Insight Portfolio -- Applicants may choose to submit standardized test scores (ACT or SAT I) OR an Insight Portfolio consisting three short essay responses and a recent, graded writing sample.

Other Important Factors
Additional notable aspects in the admission process include community service and leadership experience as well as involvement within the student's school and community. Special merit scholarships are also offered to qualifying students who submit a detailed resume of their experiences.

A visit to campus and an interview with an admissions counselor is encouraged.

5. Are tutoring and learning assistance services available for challenging coursework?
GMC's Calhoun Learning Center, located on the top-floor of the library, offers learning assistance and tutoring during library hours, with about 20 paid peer tutors, in addition to full-time, trained aides. Services such as extended testing time and stress reduced testing are available for students who qualify.

The Calhoun Learning Center and its professional staff are the heart of academic support at Green Mountain, offering assistance in course planning, group study and individualized tutoring. The learning center also offers skills workshops in time management, note taking and other areas.

6. Does GMC offer career counseling and job search assistance?
Our Office of Career Services supports students in many areas from career exploration and preparation to resume building and graduate school applications.

In addition, the Office of Career Services connects with alumni through annual surveys to determine their current employment and/or academic enrollment. Read more about GMC alumni and what they do with their GMC degrees.



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