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Binh Bui

Binh Bui

Major/Year: Business/ Psychology, class 2014

Hometown: Vietnam

Favorite place to hang out in the area: Withey Lobby, Sage Lounge, and the Labyrinth.

Favorite books: Harry Potter (of course), Pride and Prejudge, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Marketing Management (Philip Kotler).

Sports, Clubs, Activities you are involved in: Business Manager at The Mountaineer, president and co-founder of Business and Economics Club, Treasure of Psychology Club, Eco-Reps, Assistant at GMC Career Services, Member of Model United Nation Club, Member of Student Financial Committee.

Favorite movies: The Hunger Game, Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gump, 500 Days of Summer, and The Social Network.

Best class you have ever taken at GMC: All class are great, but my favorite classes are Marketing, Accounting, Social Research, and Junior Seminar.

Favorite activity on a Saturday afternoon: Event checking, party going, book reading, and friend hanging out. :)

Best part about Vermont: It's fresh, green, and environmental. People say "Hi!" to you and smile with you all the time.

Favorite part about attending Green Mountain College: This is my third year in GMC, and it makes me feel good about everything. Campus is so beautiful with a functional farm, green house, and wind power. Also, professors and students here are very as friendly as helpful. Small size class gives me a comfortable environment and receives as much helps from my professors as possible. In addition, I can do numerous activities in which I am interested here such as organizing business events, conducting my psychology research, and trying to learn how to make a tea pot.

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