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Applying for Aid

As with many new experiences, the financial aid application may seem complicated. However, if you meet the application deadlines and complete all of the required forms, you will find the entire process straightforward. The GMC financial aid staff is available by phone, online or in person to assist you every step of the way.

Applying for financial aid is an annual process with many factors contributing in determining financial aid eligibility. Changes in family financial circumstances might affect eligibility for need-based student aid each year.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) cannot be filed before January 1 of the calendar year for which the student is seeking financial aid. The preferred filing deadline for new students is March 1, though a FAFSA may be submitted to GMC after that date. The preferred filing deadline for returning students is April 15.

Green Mountain College accepts applications either by applying for Early Action or applying on a rolling basis. To apply for Early Action, an application must be submitted and complete by November 1 or January 2.

GMC is a member of The Common Application. The application fee is waived if you submit the electronic Common Application.

You may also apply online through our website. The application fee will be waived if you submit your application online.

If you prefer to mail your application, you may download the PDF application here. A $30 application fee will be charged if postmarked after December 31.

How Aid Works
At Green Mountain College, we believe that students and parents should assume primary responsibility for meeting college costs and that financial aid should supplement a family's own resources. We expect that parents will contribute to the extent that they are able, according to federal and institutional guidelines, and that the student will share in the cost of education through working, borrowing, and saving. If a family's resources are not sufficient to cover the student's total budget, the student may receive a financial aid award to assist with the difference.

The data reported on the FAFSA determines the expected family contribution (EFC). The EFC is then subtracted from the cost of attendance for the academic year. The resulting figure is called demonstrated financial need.


The result determines a student's eligibility for various financial aid resources. Once the specific types of financial aid are determined, a financial aid award notification is prepared and sent to the student.

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