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Alumni Advisory Board

In 1851, the Board of Trustees of Green Mountain College, in its efforts to seek help from the alumni for the College, provided direction for the establishment of what is now known as the “Alumni Advisory Board.” The purpose of the AAB is to enhance the vibrancy of GMC. Specifically, the AAB sustains among alumni the spirit of their shared experience, supports the recruitment and retention of students, and assists in fundraising and garnering financial support for the College.

Please contact any of the current members of the AAB listed below. Your input is important to us and will help us serve the College.

Raymond Coderre '04
Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.

Sue Bachelder '58
Retired after serving as District Office Manager for the Dade County Florida U.S. Representative to Congress and owning/operating a horse ranch and riding school in Dade County. Both parents attended the College in the Class of 1936 and her father became bursar for GMC for many years.

Joanne Coons '74
Renewable energy and sustainable design enthusiast. Current science teacher at Hudson Valley Community College – renewable energy focus.

Elizabeth Wall '98, MBA '08
Director of Marketing and Business Development at Drummond Woodsum. Drummond Woodsum is an entrepreneurial full-service law firm with more than 60 attorneys in offices in Maine and New Hampshire.

Rebecca Anderson '99
Director of Operations and Creative Services at John Hancock, Boston MA.

Christopher Hilke '99
Senior Manager of the Climate Adaptation Program in the Northeast Regional Office for the National Wildlife Federation.

Jonas Adler '00
Principal at Devonshire Recruiting and Consulting Partners, a placement and consulting technology firm headquartered in Boston, MA.

Altin Tirana '01
Vice President of Wealth Management and Financial Planning Specialist at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management of New York, NY.

India Burnett Farmer '03
Owner of Northeastern Vine Supply, Inc., a Vermont licensed wholesale and retail nursery offering cold hardy wine and table grapevines.

Amanda Mehegan '06
Senior Operations Manager at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

Jenna Calvi '09
Stormwater District Manager at the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Melissa Markstrom '09
Business Agent and Organizer for Office of Professional Employees International Union.

Jose Galvez Contreras '11
Sustainable Community Coordinator at Green Mountain College.

Robert Lees '11
Law Student at Vermont Law School

Mark Thiong'o '12
Renewable Energy Systems Analyst at Duke Energy Corporation

Jeanne Payne Ashton '42
Ellen Morton Davison '41
Patricia Cooper Fast '46
Helen Sharpe Marquiss '58
Margaret Werner Nye '41
Anne Garry Richmond '57

Alumni Trustees:
Daniel De Clercq MBA '13
Anna Whitcomb Knight '71
Anne Robbins Tansantisuk '72
Catherine Villafranco Parker '87
Matthew Menner '90
Raymond Coderre '04

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