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Alumni Board History

What began as a modest social gathering at Troy Conference Academy has evolved as an association of more than 8,500 alumni. The alumni board is guided by a structured Board of Directors working in concert with both the Board of Trustees and administration for the betterment of Green Mountain College.

The VT legislature grants to the Troy Methodist Conference a charter establishing in the town of Poultney a "Literal Institution" named the Troy Conference Academy.

The doors open with enrollment growing to 247 students in one year.

The first class graduates from TCA.

The alumni of Troy Conference Academy establishes the Troy Conference Academy Alumni Association.

The Troy Methodist Conference relinquishes control over the Academy, and it becomes Ripley Female College, a private institution, and the first Vermont college to award four-year degrees to women.

Troy Methodist Conference resumes control and the institution becomes the Troy Conference Academy once again.

The Alumni Association's annual programs are formalized.

An act of legislature increases the number of TCA trustees to twenty-four, and three trustees were to be designated Alumni Trustees elected by the Alumni Association's membership. The first three Alumni Trustees were Reverend Hubert A. Durfee 1879, Reverend Alfred Henry Eaton 1881 and Fred William Hewitt 1887.

Green Mountain Junior College comes into being, functioning in parallel with TCA for the next five years. It is Vermont's first junior college.

The institution becomes TCA and Green Mountain Junior College, with a concurrent change in the Alumni Association.


Annie Lucille Richardson, a long-time preceptress at the academy and college, becomes the first Alumni Secretary.

The first Green Mountain Junior College Homecoming weekend takes place, and is well attended by both TCA and GMJC alumni.

The graduation of the last co-educational class of GMJC. GMJC becomes a women's college.

The Association creates an Executive Board and a Board of Alumni Directors.

A vote of the Board of Trustees and Legislative Act changes the institution's name to Green Mountain College. The Alumni Association's name was changed to the Green Mountain College Alumni Association.

The Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Service Awards are established to honor alumni whose career accomplishments have gained widespread recognition and have performed long and valuable services to their alma mater. These awards are given to one or more awardees at the annual Alumni Banquet. The first alumna so honored was Anne Brushaber Stormont '48

President of the Alumni Board begins serving concurrently as a voting Trustee.

GMC becomes a four-year institution, awarding Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

GMC becomes co-educational once again, after a hiatus of 34 years.

Robert Scott becomes the first male graduate of the college to receive a bachelor's degree under the new regimen.

Alumni Association Board of Directors institutes the Young Alumnus/a Award to recognize Alumni who had within the first 10 years after graduation demonstrated exceptional promise in their chosen careers and /or who had performed outstanding service to their alma mater. The first Alumna so honored was Cynthia Adams Palermo '78.

Late 1980's
Richardson House, so aptly named to honor Green Mountain College's first Alumni Secretary, becomes the Alumni House. It was to serve as a space for the Alumni Archives and provide a place for the Alumni Association to meet. Currently the archives are located in the Griswold Library, and the development and alumni relations offices reside in Richardson.

The Green Mountain Junior College Class of '43 presents to the College an endowed memorial scholarship honoring Jesse P. Bogue, the College's founder and first president.

At the Alumni Banquet, the President of the Alumni Board announces the creation of the Green Mountain College Golden Circle Society, whose dual purpose will be to recognize GMC Alumni who graduated more than fifty years ago, and to provide more personalized links with smaller regional alumni gatherings and visits.

The Alumni Advisory Board continues to assist with planning Alumni & Family weekend, enrollment, fundraising, career services, and other regional activities in their hometowns.

2012 - present
The by-laws were updated in 2012, renaming the Alumni Association to the Alumni Advisory Board. A committee structure was added to support enrollment, career services, reunion, and fundraising efforts at GMC. The Alumni Advisory Board continues to assist with planning the annual Reunion / Alumni & Family weekend and regional alumni activities.

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