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Animal Studies is a new interdisciplinary field that is emerging as a response to the profound impact of human practices on other species and rising concern about animal use and treatment. The study of animals in an interdisciplinary context—the natural and social sciences, the humanities, law and policy, etc.—bears on how students understand themselves and on what policies they will endorse in relation to nonhuman nature.

In addition to biological study of animal behavior and conservation, students in this minor will have an opportunity to explore issues associated with, among others: livestock agriculture, animal rights law, wildlife management, hunting, traditional animal husbandry, animal experimentation, veterinary care, landscape sustainability, threatened biodiversity and invasive species, companion animals, vegetarianism and veganism, animals in entertainment, animals in recreation, activist ethics, the moral standing of animals, animal pain and suffering, animal cognition, culture in animals, bushmeat, and trade in endangered species.

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