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Meet the Residents

Our students aren't the only residents of Green Mountain College. Our 155-acre campus hosts a variety of wildlife habitats, including hardwood forests, regenerating farm fields, and the Poultney River corridor. Here are some photos taken with a wildlife monitoring camera in a patch of second growth forest between the main campus and the Poultney River.


White-tailed deer
White-tailed deer

eastern cottontail
Eastern cottontail

Vertebrate Population Monitoring
Professor Mark Jordan's course in Vertebrate Population Monitoring has been documenting the variety of mammal species living on the campus. Below are some photos from a trap and release project designed to estimate populations of small mammals in the regenerating farm fields.

Aisling and shrew
Aisling Howe '09 with a shorttail shrew

white-footed mouse
White footed mouse released after capture

Lindsay and thrush
At Left: GMC student Lindsay Herlihy '11 banding a Hermit Thrush, state bird of Vermont, as part of her research on Lyme disease.

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