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Student Research

Biology students at Green Mountain College are engaged in a wide variety of research projects. Some recent and ongoing projects include:

Ongoing faculty research

  • Larval fish drift in the Poultney and Mettawee river basins
  • Analysis of environmental correlates of Beech Bark Disease
  • Old field restoration at the GMC campus

Senior thesis projects

  • Exercise Perceptions: An evaluation of undergraduate awareness of personal health and fitness
  • A spatially explicit study of environmental influence on Beech Bark disease
  • Comparison of oxidative stress response for different strains of S. pombe versus different techniques of microarray
  • Self-efficacy in the science classroom
  • Deane Preserve management plan

Other student research

  • Genetic structure of northern brook lamprey populations in the Champlain Basin
  • Genetic structure of Rhinichthys populations
  • Vegetative response of Hamamelis virginiana to a canopy gap created by tree-fall
  • Incidence of Lyme disease organisms in resident and migrant birds of the lower Champlain Basis

Summer student research 2009

  • Larval fish drift on the Poultney River
    • Lauren Selonke '10, Brenda Nsambu '12
  • University of Minnesota’s Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program in molecular genetics and proteomics
    • Jennifer Conrad '10
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Cell and Molecular Pathology Summer Undergraduate Research Program
    • Kyle O'Boyle '10


Partner organizations

While GMC has many facilities to conduct field and laboratory research, we are able to extend our students' opportunities through collaborations with our partner organizations. We are currently a member of two research partnerships that link colleges throughout the state. Our membership in The Vermont Genetics Network expands our ability to conduct research in the fields of genetics and proteomics. Through the Lake Champlain Research Consortium our students have access to funding and an annual conference for research on the Lake Champlain watershed.

Individual professors have also collaborated with state and non-governmental institutions, including The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy.

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