Welcome To The Jungle

The day starts early, driving straight through the city to the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and right into the Atlantic Rainforest. The group hikes together with Brazilian military guides at the front and back of the pack. Professor Waverli narrates the incredible walk, stopping to explain some of the biological and ecological processes going on all around. Luscious green life is everywhere. After a couple of hours, the group emerges, and heads down to the small town surrounded by the jungle, Paranapiacaba. The quaint village reflects European architecture, as it is home to a once active train system owned by the English company, São Paulo Railway. The group tours the town, has a buffet lunch and enjoys a scenic tour of the village. Leaving Paranapiacaba, the group busses straight to the next destination, Bertioga. An array of activities and Brazilian beaches await them.