Waterfall Anatomy
From Above & Below

Play and pleasure mixed with a new vision of the Atlantic forest – or what it used to be. In the morning, students took a bus to the nearby tourist town of Agua de São Pedro to shop and eat, ride horses and relax. In the afternoon, the bus climbed into the hills of what was once Atlantic Forest, but today is covered with commercial agricultural lands: industrial sugarcane fields, and pulp forests of Eucalyptus trees. Among these forests are small canyons of rainforest, typically retained because they surround waterfalls and rivers.

At one such oasis, everyone partakes in a once in a lifetime experience: zip lining over a breathtaking waterfall. Some hike down to experience the waterfall up close, after the view from above. The remnant rainforest and ecotourism site, in the midst of a closely managed landscape, puts a strip of what was in a sea of what is: a beautiful and gashing reminder of the lost forest. All head back to Fazendinha after a long day of enjoying the natural wonder of Brazil…