Dusty, Death-Defying Driving

After a long night, the group sets off again, driving all day along bumpy, dusty, jungle roads. They stop at small, family-run facility where dolce de leite is produced. Dolce de leite, or "sweet milk" is a Brazilian delicacy with a caramel like taste and consistency, made by heating milk. They group gets plenty of samples to taste and take home. On the way the group also stops at a local potter's home in the countryside where he has handmade goods for sale. Late into the day, the group visits a Quilombo, a historic hinterland settlement where decedents of African slaves now live. The elder medicine woman of the village welcomes them into her home and serves them coffee before their departure. Finally after dark, the bus arrives at PETAR: Parque Estadual Turistico Do Alto Riberia (State Touristic Park of the upper Riberia River). They settle in at Pousada da Diva, the first ecotouristic inn established near the park, where they will be spending the next two days.