Into The Darkness

The students are awoken early and they dress in preparation for a day in the caves at PETAR. Armed with helmets, headlamps, and tour guides, everyone hikes a glorious jungle path to get to the first cave. The group is split into three smaller groups and their separate treks into the cave is staggered. Surrounded by incredible underground formations, the sights of the cave, illuminated only by headlamp, are truly breathtaking. Everyone gets to experience complete blackness in the first cave when their lamps are shut off. Though everyone is silent during the blackout, subtle dripping sounds and echoes of show signs of life in the cave. After the tour, the group walks out into the lush rainforest once again, and enjoys lunch near a waterfall. The second half of the day involves another beautiful hike, and the tricky task of crossing a quickly flowing jungle river to get to another cave. This cave has a hidden treasure inside: a waterfall. After the exhausting day of hiking and caving, the group retires to the pousada for dinner and sleep.