Week Four

June 8 - 14, 2009
The last week continues to be full of excitement and travel. The groups travels south and arrives in Morretes, a small touristic town with shops, restaurants and attractions. While there, the students have the opportunity to visit an Atlantic Rainforest restoration site conducted by The Nature Conservancy. Students are able to plant trees, hike through the reforested areas, and see some of the other projects that TNC is working on in the area and with local community members. After Morretes, the group travels further south to the capital city of Curitiba in the state of Paraná. The rich European history is reflected throughout the city. Students get a lesson in urban planning and environmental initiatives taking place in the city: a stark contrast to the site of São Paulo the first week of the trip. After two Brazilian students from UNIMEP rejoin the U.S. students, the final few days are spent on Ilha do Mel, a remote island off the coast of Paraná that is home to an ecological preserve. Here everyone is able to unwind, take in the whirlwind of the previous three weeks, and spend some time reflecting and relaxing together before returning home.