A Bus, a Train, a Bus,
a Boat, Arrival!

Setting off early once again, the group takes a bus to the train station, where they meet up with another Brazilian student from UNIMEP for a very scenic train ride through the Brazilian rainforest. Students lean out the window to see the breahtaking sites. The train takes everyone back to the town of Morretes where all enjoy a traditional lunch with local flavors. After the meal, the bus takes the group to the coast where they meet the owner of the pousada they will be staying in for the last leg of the trip. Estrela do Mar, or star of the sea, is an eco-pousada and the owner, Gilberto, has implemented some impressive management techniques. He recycles all the water and waste in the pousada to create compost which feeds his livestock and his expansive garden, creating a closed-loop system. After a brief tour of his property, the group must take a boat to get to the pousada and the island. Arrival on Ilha do Mel, or Honey Island is long awaited. After settling in, the students all have dinner together and relax on the beach.