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Classes Begin, August 30
Convocation, September 2
Family & Friends Weekend, Sept. 24 - 26
Welsh Harvest Festival, October 16
Biomass Ash: Green Chemistry at GMC
In the spring of 2010, students in Prof. Sue Sutheimer's Green Chemistry course researched way to reuse the ash from GMC's new biomass plant. View a video below.

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Green Mountain student Dan Riley '11 - sporting a GMC t-shirt - is featured on a recent cover of Nagoya University Topics magazine for a story about international exchange students at the Japanese university. Dan is a communications major who studied at Nagoya through GMC's exchange program.

Reunion: Class of 1960
SEATED (L-R): Mary Capron Thomas, Ellen Johnson Shaw, Jeanette Nicola Estep, Roberta Cobham Sorensen, Elke Gronemeyer Guenter, Christian Allan King, Rita Politi Whiteman, Sally Anne Burgess Pilcer. STANDING (L-R): Linda Blaise Drunsic, Sallie McClave Dougherty, Nancy Ellms Samia, Eileen Zaner Sanford, Liz Allen Allan, Pam Weickmann Swanson, Gail Tolson Crothers, Betsy Cornell Geller, Ruth Pierce Adotte, Diane Stratton Dennison, Hope Washbond Stone
Betty Fox Kirkland ’39 – Son, Michael, continues to do church mission work in states needing help in reconstruction of damaged homes. Son, Dale, continues in Wicked on Broadway after an Australian trip with Liza Minelli.

Merritt Hewitt ’39 – My friends and family threw me a wonderful 90th birthday celebration on Sunday, October 25th. Much fun was had by all with a live band, wonderful food and drink and great conversation! I send best wishes to GMC Class of 1939.

Donald Moseley ’39 – After graduating from Green Mountain, I graduated from R.P.I. (Troy, N.Y.), worked for the U.S. Navy in Washington D.C. during the war, married Dorothy in 1946 and had six children with her over the next 15 years. After WW II, I worked in Cleveland, finished a doctorate in physics, worked in San Antonio, Tex., and moved to and lived in the Washington, D.C. area from about 1959 to the present. Retired now for about 30 years. Travels have included tours with my wife to Russia, Norway, Iceland, Finland (heard Billy Graham while there*), Israel and travel by camper through much of the U.S.A. and a little of Quebec. Several recent car trips touching Wisconsin, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, New York, Maine (and between states) and Poultney around 2007. Six children, six grandchildren. *Unexpected surprise.

Anna Hale Straight ’43 – I have been living in Pennsylvania for nearly ten years, next door to my son, and still finding ways to be active in church work, volunteering in the thrift store, etc. My seven grandsons and their families are scattered to seven different states. The modern technology of the computer and Skype is a real blessing, easing the distance. Fond memories of GMC, despite distance and time!

Karan Hampl Osenton ’43 – Charlie and I continue to travel extensively—Australia, Fiji and Alaska were our last trips. Also added another new great grandchild, Norah, which extends our family to six grandchildren and now three great-grandchildren. We continue to spend our winters in Florida, but may opt to go farther south next year as the winter of 2010 was rather cool! We look forward to spending a delightful summer on our island in Jamestown, RI.

Ann MacDonald Diers ’45 – Recently, my anthem, “Hold Your Hands Out Over the Earth” was published by Emerson Music Publishers. It is a choral piece that works well for Earth Day, or any day.

Patricia Cooper Fast ’46 – Bob and I are well and enjoy travel and numerous activities as well as our family. I am proud of GMC. n June Zabriskie ’47 – I’m still working (at 83) and enjoying it, if I can say my career now is in a local New Jersey farm market. The 60-year-old owner is my best friend—keeps me going so I actually move around GREAT. Hello to all my 1947 pals.

Ruth Goodridge Petrick ’47 – Forty-seven years in Colorado. Have traveled in South America (Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia), Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand—much of that when my husband was teaching for Colorado School of Mines. Had fun on bike trips with Liam’s Bike Tours in England (Cotswolds) and Scotland and checking on my husband’s geneology. A super sea kayaking adventure off the coast of Vancouver Island. Have two children and three grandkids. My life in a “nutshell!”

Beverly Beyer Richardson ’48 – I still live at my home and am doing very well health-wise. My husband, Fred, passed away suddenly in January, 2002.

Janice Hay DiSesa ’48 – Barbara Hulburt Hodgett and I are still in touch regularly. We had wonderful cruises around the world together. So glad we did it when we did in the 90’s. Barbara and I have been friends through junior high and high school, and two years at Green Mountain. It was then (1940s) a two-year college.

Joan Mayforth ’48 – Two great years! Continue to enjoy friendships made during ’46-’48. n Edith Knight Dolan ’48 – What am I Hereafter? Too young to remember. Enjoy your life!

Priscilla Green Hartwell ’48 – I am finally going to retire on June 30th 2010, after 20 years with Morris County, N.J. I’m planning to do some volunteer work, try to stay healthy and enjoy not having to get up so early in the morning!

Marilyn Webster Ham ’49 – Life is good! So enjoyed a 60-year gathering of four class members at the 2009 Alumnae Weekend. What wonderful progress is being made in many areas of opportunity. I even returned to my old second floor room in Moses Hall. Memories! From the window: The gym is gone and many trees are there now. I am still our Londonderry Town historian. Eight grandchildren. n Jean Roeder Reese ’49 – Greetings to the Class of 1949!

Barbara Eldredge Brackett ’49 – Only four were there for the Reunion (60th) but I was disappointed there wasn’t a photo in alumni paper! Realize 50 year takes precedence. We made the effort.

Nancy Ludeck Stone ’50 – Greetings to all my classmates. Dick and I are now living in Sarasota, Fla. for six months and in Boonton, N.J. in the summer. Hope to come to my 60th reunion in June ’10.

Joan Bailey Randall ’50 – Green Mountain gave me the confidence and education to be a leader. At age 80 serving on two boards at church; on the board preserving a beautiful home and on the board of providing entertainment to many groups. Thanks!

Caryl Jaeckle Hunt ’50 – Remembering good times with all my friends!

Ann Sandmeyer Sandberg ’51 – Life is quiet but good. Great grandchild number 13 arrived 6/10/09—a beautiful girl. Our oldest and his wife are retired as is son number four. It was wonderful to hear from my freshman roommate, Dorry Thompson Jones. We had a grand chat. Hard to believe that 59 years has gone by since graduation.

Joan Jordan Rhett ’52 – Husband, Bob, passed away in 2008. I moved from country to city—after 45 years in our home.

Mary Scott Brown ’53 – Living in Sarasota since 1954. Children all in Florida. Six grands here and Netherlands, but they are spreading out!

Judith Young Fillback ’53 – My husband Ed and I will be celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary in August. We have our family get-together then, with our four daughters, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren at our cottage on Lake Ontario.

Lynn Lucke Lutkin ’54 – Retired professor of art education at University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colo. Volunteer in the arts community and ChildSafe, paint wall murals, swim in Senior Olympics, play golf, bridge and garden. Facilitate classes at Front Range Forum. All three sons and families are now in Colorado! Seven grandchildren. Life is full and good!

Kathleen Abbott Sliter ’54 – Husband, Dave, retired from physical therapy. Now have four granddaughters. Spend winters in North Carolina. Still living in Barbeau, Mich. as home base.

Eileen McLoughlin Stiles ’55 – My husband Howard and I visited Stowe, Vt. in February to ski with friends while staying at the Von Trapp Family Lodges. Jamie (Elaine Major ’55) Snow and husband Russ invited us for dinner at their lovely spot in nearby Waterbury. Found we had a lot in common like enjoying camping, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and traveling. Great fun.

Yvonne Coolman Dietrick ’55 – We retired to Greenville, S.C. eight years ago to be near our children. We keep busy with the seniors and traveling. I get to see Nancy Fletcher Cathers when we get north in August. I see Jean Farnan Freeman in January when we visit Florida.

Lolita Pape Anthos ’55 – This May my youngest son Stephen got married at 46 having never been married, and my grandson Matthew graduated from R.P.I. n Carolyn Warsen Van Benschoten ’56 – Still very active in the antique business. Enjoy gardening and canning lots for 11 grandkids and two great grand babies! Celebrated 50 wonderful years of marriage.

Phyllis Webster Ingalls ’56 – I now live full time in Fort Myers, Fla. with my husband of 30 years, Jerry. Being retired has given me time to indulge myself in the arts and music, as well as books and lectures. I visit with Marge Jones ’56 and my GM roomie, Sally Cook. Jerry and I travel by boat (two years living aboard and sailing the Caribbean) and house swapping in England. It is a full busy life!

Barbara Young Nevins ’56 – Son Geoff and his wife Kelly welcomed their son Logan Charles Nevins on May 19. They also have daughter Leah Rose, six, and Ian James, five. Son James and fiancee Tina are being married July 18.

Jane Muller Blount ’57 – My roommate, Mary Bond Oberhaus, and I have had a chance to see each other a few times since our 50th reunion and we recall what a great time we had, especially staying in our old dorm recalling old days!

Patricia Potter Walsh ’57 – Married 52 years to Richard Walsh. Have five children: Greg, Stephen, Bob, Karen and Kathy. Have eight grandchildren. Have lived in the same home in Levittown, Penn. for 45 years. (Great neighbors!) Would love to hear from anyone living nearby. Email Lived in Poultney first 21 years.

Penny Hamel Hardy ’57 – Celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Scotland in August. In the fall we visited Betsy Burnett Dresher ’57 and husband Dick in Pennsylvania. They took us to see the Amish country.

Helen Stamm Schussler ’57 – Living in N.C. for 3 1/2 years. Celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in October. Going to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji to celebrate. Will be taking our two children, spouses and two grandchildren to Aruba to celebrate with family as well.

Marilyn Medl Kjellenberg ’57 – We have been here in northeast Wisconsin, on a peninsula out in Lake Michigan, for about 13 years. I have just had my handwoven shawl accepted in a 75th and 150th anniversary juried show and raffle at The Clearing, a Danish folk school here in Ellison Bay, Wisc. I have been teaching weaving there for the past 12 years during the fall and winter programs, including beginners through advanced and independent weavers. I feel very privileged to be part of this group of artists. Check out to see the art show.

Joy Duffy ’57 – I was sorry to read of Bobbie Vernardi passing. We sat for dinner together at our 50th reunion in 2007.

RoAnne Muldoon Dahlen-Hartfield ’58 – I just wanted to let you know my husband Richard (Dick) Hartfield died on March 13, 2010 at Colington Life Care Community in Mitchellville, Md. where we have lived for the past 13 years. As of March 7, 2010, we had been married for 23 years. He will be missed.

Patricia Boal Bantli ’58 – After 36 years, I have recently resigned from the elected township clerk position for rural Stillwater Township located near St. Paul, Minn. At a township celebration, the residents, the supervisors, and the Washington County Board of Commissioners thanked me for my dedicated service and I was presented with a personal certificate of recognition from Tim Pawlenty, the governor from the state of Minnesota. This summer, Stillwater Township residents will dedicate a portion of the township park in my name.

Nancy Hollenbeck DeForge ’59 – Had my last hip replaced April 13th! The Class of 1959 had a fabulous 50th Reunion! Thanks to Joan Wright and GMC.

Patricia Bull Staub ’60 – I’m still breeding and showing beagles and enjoying my six grandchildren.

Doris Bagshaw Morris ’60 – I am retired and have two bishon frese puppies (brothers) and a four-year-old bichon. Right now I’m looking—you know, etc.

Karin Sandal Stuart ’61 – Jeanie Smith Moses, Mary Lou Downer McGowan, Janet Fritz Hershey, Barbara Shanks Robie and I are planning to attend our 50th reunion! June 11 “Dunton Hall Reunion.”

Shirley Bartlett DiRusso ’63– I now have eight grandchildren. All doing well.

Judith Cushing Thomas ’64 – Husband, Al, retired from Chelmsford High School where he was the principal on 6/30/09 and remains busy with Rotary, church, tennis, school, writing for our local newspaper, et al. I work per diem as a school nurse in the system and enjoy our grandchildren as often as possible. Three granddaughters and a grandson. I take care of my 92-year-old dad every other weekend! Life has been good to me and I am grateful.

Carol Dubs Beideman ’64 – My husband Don and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our three children and eight grandchildren. n Karen Chadbourne ’64 – Just had third grandchild, a little girl.

Mollie Dillon Cliffe ’64 – I feel very lucky that my family, married daughter and son, live close. We can enjoy our two-year-old grandson Dillon. n Raenell Haring Murray ’64 – I still have my summer store “Haywire” in Quogue, N.Y. (in The Hamptons), and enjoy the winters in Naples, Fla. I am a grandmother of two!

Linda Schiller Simmonds ’64 – I am pleased with the many changes over the years at GMC, especially the new power plant. Two years ago, my husband, Bob, installed a wood-burning furnace in our basement. We have oil for back-up, but hardly ever use it. Our son, Dan, is president of AN Wireless, which builds and sells communication towers worldwide.

Daryll Cook ’67 – I am celebrating my 12th year back in New York from Virginia working as assistant director at the Waterford Library, which keeps me very busy. In my spare time I docent at the Waterford Museum and spend lots of time with friends, family and antiquing.

Deborah Barone Dwyer ’67 – Currently I am on the freshman admissions staff reading applications for Fairfield University October through April each year. Retired from Fairfield Ludlowe High School Sept. 2008 as director of the College & Career Center and gave the June 2008 FLHS commencement address. Just finished as the chairperson of the diaconate at my church, First Church Congregational in Fairfield, for four years. Also in my seventh year singing in Fairfield County Good News Gospel Choir. Husband Phil is still President/CEO of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA system. Son Mark got married May 2009. He is the internet news editor of Newsday in N.Y.C. Son Scott is V.P. of Cohen & Steers Capital Management in N.Y.C. Mark’s wife Amanda is an attorney in N.Y.C.

Donna Dewey Hegarty ’68 – Andrea Swett Dunlap spent a wonderful week with us this past April in Sanibal Island, Fla. She’s a great guest who gets up early to make the coffee! Hope she comes back.

Elaine Rudd Reasoner ’71 – Currently in my 8th year as librarian in a middle school, Easton, Mass. Enjoy cruising in my 1995 Chevy Corvette. Son Jacob is 29 years old. Hope to get back to GMC soon to see all the changes, and revisit the library!

Nance Aldrich Hall ’74 – After living in Colorado for 25 years, I now reside in Peterborough, NH. We moved here six years ago for our son to attend High Mowing School, a Waldorf high school. He’s now a sophomore at the Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa. I am the sales manager for a small publishing company, Steven Lewers & Associates, in Wilton, N.H. My husband, Jef Aldrich passed away in January of ’08.

Michele Pignarre Wronski ’74 – A three-day mini-reunion took place in Minerva, N.Y. in late August 2009 with Barbara Brown from East Lansing, Mich., Linda Brown from Clifton Park, N.Y., Amber Ashcroft from Montgomery, N.Y., Laurie Rich from Seattle, and Michele Pignarre Wronski from Holden, Mass. Sue France could not get away from Salt Lake City but was there in spirit.

Sara Gamble Boc ’75 – I am the office manager at Foot and Ankle Center of Philadelphia. Married to Dr. Steven F. Boc and have two children Steven C. (24) and Allison A. (20).

Robin Weil Turner ’75 – Ed and I still reside in Tennessee. We have four grandchildren and are expecting number five very soon. n Gail Johnson Grant ’75 – I continue to enjoy raising my children, 18 and 15, and a 20-year renovation project to the circa 1760 colonial shared with my husband Douglas of 20 years. I sell Longaberger Baskets—which has been rewarding for 15 years—now a Million-Dollar Club Member! Life is good!

G. Ross Barden ’78 – My A.A. in open elective took me to L.A./Hollywood, where I worked in middle management in luxury hotels, and eventually writing/producing in radio and television. Decided to come home again, to raise the kids, and now work with Arkema, Inc. I’m a single “rad” dad with both kids now in high school. I would love to hear from you.

Lorraine Loddo Seicol ’80 – I am enjoying reconnecting with classmates through Facebook! Also enjoyed the visit to the campus at Killington . . . what a great program!

Susan Giambruno Drumgould ’81 – AKA “Big-O” is still working as a senior recreation therapist CTRS in N.Y. and living in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. If anyone would like to get in touch my email is Hope everyone enjoys the summer.

Kim Vosburgh Kilcullen ’86 – Looking forward to my 25th college reunion at GMC in the spring of 2011! Hope to see everyone then!

Amy Thompson ’91 – I got married in November, 2009. I am an art teacher and curriculum coordinator for an extended day program in Lexington, Mass.

Tracy Clark Pearl ’92 – Just had my fourth child, Sara.

Sara Laytham ’92 – Recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Alexis! Still living and working in New York City. n Jennifer Sausville Logan ’93 – Keep on truckin’ GMC!

Eric Lane ’98 – I live in Hyde Park, Vt. with my lovely wife Carrie, beautiful daughter Aylee, three bichons, and one beagle. I am also the co-founder of, a discerning network of unique wedding locations, traditional wedding venues and private homes available for wedding rentals specifically chosen by event professionals.

Ian Dowden ’99 – Still running C.S. Courier and riding a bicycle for a living. I’m now a pro athlete.

Jennifer Condino Voss ’00 – Just had a baby girl, Noel, on March 13th. This is my third daughter.

Nicolas Bourges ’07 – Nico was selected Staff Member of the Year at Green Mountain College, receiving the Carl Stoddard Award during the 2010 Honors Tea Ceremony. Currently the assistant director of residence life, Nico has taken on many roles as an undergraduate and graduate student, and as a staff member in the residence life department for the past three years, working on the Killington and Poultney campus.

Maggie Burke ’07 – As program coordinator at Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, Maggie was invited to the White House to take part in president Obama’s celebration of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Members of the two teams, as well as other special guests and political figures, met on the South Lawn of the White House and were congratulated by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. In March, Burke was one of six coaches and program leaders selected by the U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, to attend the Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Lauren Brennan ’08 – I am thinking about maybe going back for my master’s in social work in the future.

Heather Hewitt ’09 – Just wanted to let you guys know the good news that I just started a job as an IA in a self-contained middle school special ed classroom. There are ten students and six IAs. So far it has been great—lots of new situations to deal with!

Monique Couture ’09 – Living life to the fullest. Hokahey.

Peter Davis ’09 – I have been accepted for a residence life assistant position at New York University at the Lafayette Street Residence Hall for the 2010-11 academic year. I am working toward my masters degree.

Joan Fingon-Trivich (former Education professor) – I recently married and live in Kagel Canyon, Cal. with my new husband Mike. I am co-editing a book being published by Teachers College Press related to reading research in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

Pearl Botsford Hughes ’35
Marion Fellows Hughes ’36
Catherine Miller King ’45
Edyth Pettingell Harple ’35
Wilda Campbell Williams ’36
Edgar Edwards ’39
Doris Minard Thompson ’41
Robert Lancaster ’41
Martha Landon VanRiper ’42
Bruce Bayless ’44
Eleanor DeMartin Ward ’45
Janet Barnard Fry ’51
Lou Ann Gallinari Lund ’53
Nancy Taylor Morehead ’53
Alice Wagner Lindstrom ’54
Eunice Joy Paumier ’55
Barbara Pagano Powers ’55
Gail Terwilliger ’56
Donna Henrikson Pappaceno ’60
Mary Bliss Goodwin ’63
Carolyn Hines Machnij ’63
Linda Lawton Lawton-Noble ’63
June Riefler Sorensen ’65
Judith Haywood Reeves ’66
Kathleen Ahearn Goldware ’70
Pamela Hoder ’70
JoAnn Shupe Stanley ’71
Loren Hill Gregory ’79
Owen Coon ’87
Edward Andrews (former GMC trustee)
Harley Pratt (former GMC staff)

In Memoriam
Dr. Edward C. Andrews, Jr., 85, of Yarmouth, Maine, a former trustee of Green Mountain College, died Feb. 19, 2010. Ed was born in Rockland, Maine, in January 1925, and grew up in Plainfield, Vt. He was a veteran of the Navy V-12 program, graduating from Middlebury College in 1946 and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1951, specializing in pathology. He also received honorary doctoral degrees from Middlebury College, Bowdoin College, the University of Vermont and the University of Dakar in Senegal. He is survived by his wife Jean Lyndes Andrews ’47 and their five children: Leslie Freeman of Arundel, U.K. and Naples, Fla.; Dawn Andrews of Morrisville, Vt.; Dale Wadhams of Burlington, Vt.; Ted Andrews of Yarmouth; and Scott Andrews of Burlington.