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The world - and the world of business - is changing, so we do business a little differently here. Green Mountain College’s sustainable business program will show you that gaining a competitive advantage goes hand in hand with sustainability and social justice. It’s often called the "triple bottom line approach" (people, planet, profit) which looks at business success in economic, environmental and social terms.

If you are a person who gets excited about the idea of building your own enterprise, you’ll need strong business skills to translate that vision into a reality. At GMC, we place a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship while providing a solid foundation in finance, accounting, marketing, organizational leadership and ethics.

Your teachers in the business department have real world experience working in environmentally-focused businesses. Because classes are small and the emphasis is on applying what you learn in the classroom, you'll gain a depth of knowledge, practical skills, and valuable contacts when you're ready to launch your career.

The sustainable business program also makes it easy for you to complete a double major or combine business courses with another area of interest without tying up all your electives, or complete a double major.

Majors and Minors:

Selected Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in written and oral presentations about complex management issues.

  • Apply methods and tools that support innovation and creativity as competitive advantage drivers in an organizational setting.

  • Demonstrate professional skills necessary to be an effective manager in various environments (e.g., across cultures, different economic conditions, different legal environments).

  • Demonstrate professional skills necessary to apply operating standards, enterprise planning, social responsibility, and sustainable management techniques to innovative organizations.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in recognizing and managing ethical issues related to competitive situations, managers, and multiple stakeholders.

  • Apply professional skills necessary to be an effective manager, leader, and team member in a creative organization.

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative methods and tools to address the management challenges.

  • Recognize and analyze problems and develop solutions that integrate (1) skills and knowledge of the functional areas of management, and (2) analysis of the organizational environment.

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