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Four individuals were recognized at the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 Environmental Merit Awards Ceremony in Boston. Business Professor at Green MountainJacob Park received the Individual Merit Award from Vermont.
Jacob serves as Director of Vermont Business for Social Responsibility and was nominated for his work on climate change education. In the Spring of 2014 he served as Project Director on a student’s project exploring flood resiliency as a community development for Rutland County three years following Hurricane Irene. Working with scientists, city planners, government officials and other leaders, Jacob, with other GMC faculty members and students, unveiled four key steps to institutionalize local flood resiliency in Vermont.
For recognition of his leadership, Jacob was also awarded the Community Climate Change Fellowship Award by EECapacity, a National Environmental Education Training Program led by Cornell University.

A group of Green Mountain College students, accompanied by prof. Jacob Park (business), participated in the Asia Environment Student Conference hosted by Bard College on April 17. GMC student made three presentations including “Thailand's Community-Based Forestry: Changing Theory and Practice of Natural Resource Management” (Tatiana Green); “Financial Inclusion: Financial Sustainability in Microfinance Operations in Myanmar and Its Neighbors” (Swe Zaw Oo); and “Climate Change Refugees in South Asia: Understanding the Social and Environmental Drivers of Displacement and Migration in an Era of Climatic Change” (Antoine Lucic and Salima Mahamoudu).

Prof. Jacob Park (business) gave a presentation "Food 3.0: The State of Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at Babson College's Lewis Institute for Social Innovation/Food Sol Program on March 11 in Boston as part of its Community Table Series.

Prof. Jacob Park (business) has been selected by Governor Peter Shumlin to serve on the Governor's Council on Energy and the Environment. The council was created solely to advise the governor of Vermont about policy issues affecting the natural environment and energy security of the Green Mountain State. To see the complete list of council members, visit here.

Prof. Jacob Park (business) presented a paper "Evaluating Community and Household Resilience in East Africa:From Conceptual Framework to Analytical Tool" at the Global Environment Facility-sponsored 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development, November 4-6 in Washington DC.

Jacob Park
(business) and Chris Brooks (environmental studies) co-authored and presented their paper ("Local Flood Resiliency in an Era of Global Climate Change: Understanding the Multi-Sectoral Policy Dimensions") at the Vermont Law School Annual Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship (October 4, 2014). The paper will be published in a special issue of a forthcoming issue of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.

Lian Kariuki
has been named A World at School Global Youth Ambassador. A World at School is an international digital mobilization and communication initiative harnessing the efforts and energies of the many NGOs, teachers’ organizations and faith groups to make education a reality for all of the world’s children. GMC’s Lian Kariuki was officially named a youth ambassador of the organization last week. Lian will work with partners in her native Kenya, campaigning to get every child into school and learning. On April 10 she will attend A World at School 2015 Countdown Summit in Washington DC with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The daylong event will be held in collaboration with the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Education.

Michael H. Shuman
, economist, attorney, and author, will deliver the second annual 2014 John F. and Dianne S. Brennan Lecture on April 15 at 4 p.m. in the Gorge. The lecture is free and open to the public. Shuman’s influential books, Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Move Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity and the award-winning The Small Mart Revolution: How Local Business Are Beating the Global Competition, articulate the important role of small businesses and local economies in the face of globalization. The John F. and Dianne S. Brennan Lecture, named for the college’s sixth president and his wife, is part of an entrepreneurship initiative that provides students with the business and economics tools and knowledge needed to effect change.

Business Prof. Jacob Park's article "Education and Career Pathways for Sustainability in an Era of Disruptive Change, Part 1" was published in the February 2014 Issue of Sustainability: Journal of Record. Part two of the article will be published in the journal's April 2014 issue.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Sustainable Business) presented a paper "Rethinking the Strategy of Sustainable Employment Education and Training in U.S. Higher Education Ecosystem" at the OECD Green Skills Forum 2014: Green Skills and Innovation for Inclusive Growth in Paris on February 14. The conference agenda and its abstracts can be found here.

Lian Kariuki received the national UNICEF member of the year award at the annual Campus Initiative UNICEF summit in New York City. Lian received this award as a member of the GMC UNICEF chapter after demonstrating commitment and passion toward UNICEF's goals and her work on an outreach project with Christina Fabrey, director of the Calhoun Learning Center. This award is also given to a club member who has demonstrated commitment towards ZERO (aimed to achieve zero childhood deaths from prevantable diseases).

Prof. Jacob Park
’s (sustainable business) co-authored a journal article titled “Socially Responsible Investing 3.0: Understanding Finance and Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues in Emerging Markets” which appeared in the Spring 2013 Volume 18:2 edition of the Georgetown Public Policy Review. The article can be viewed online here.

Poultney 2020: Taking Revitalization to the Next Level,” an all-day conference on the future of development in Poultney held last Wednesday, attracted 200 participants and a renewed sense of purpose for revitalization efforts in the town.

After months of meetings, working groups consisting of local residents, college students, faculty, and staff generated four potential projects: a community art center on Main Street, a locavore restaurant, a park on Main Street and a Poultney area parks and recreation system. To read more, click here

Prof. Karen Fleming
(Sustainable Business) delivered the keynote address at the Maine Businesses for Sustainability (MBS) conference on April 3. MBS is a network of Maine businesses working to expand their bottom line through sustainable business practices and triple bottom line values. On April 12 she will participate in the Harvard Business School Business & Environment Conference on Sustainable Solutions to Energy Challenges. Fleming was recognized in February 2013 as a Harvard Business School alumnae leader for her pioneering role in sustainable business and education.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business) has published an article entitled “Investing in Climate Governance and Equity in a Post-Durban World” on the state of global climate finance in a special section devoted to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in the Fall 2012 edition of the Ethics, Policy and Environment Journal.

Prof. Karen Fleming
(MBA, Sustainable Business) was recently interviewed by The Long View, a radio program that focuses on sustainability. The initial broadcast will be this Wednesday at 10 a.m. on 91.5 FM WUML (greater Boston/Lowell area). The interview can be heard via live webcast at and the archived recording can be heard at in the "sustainable business" category of the “Audio Archives" tab (available about 24-48 hours after the initial air time).

Prof. William Prado
’s business law class visited Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) headquarters on April 12, where the head of the legal team spoke to the group about legal work at GMCR. It was followed by a factory tour then lunch before the students headed back to continue studying for finals.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business) is the co-recipient of a $9,000 grant from the Government of Canada’s Faculty Research Grant Program. Along with a colleague from George Fox University, Jacob will use the grant to conduct research and fieldwork as part of a multi-year project that explores financial investor activism and environmental sustainability in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Dr. Piasecki
, author of the new book Doing More with Less: The New Way to Wealth (Wiley; March 2012) will present a public talk at GMC on Monday, March 19 at 7 p.m. in the Gorge. Piasecki’s new book is based on 30 years of experience working with companies throughout the world, and offers a groundbreaking approach to thinking about and doing business in this new era.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business, Economics) and student Dan Riley ’12 recently co-authored an article titled “Manufacturing: The Key to Sustainable Business Innovation in the U.S.” in the February 2012 issue two, volume three edition of the Sustainability Review Journal.

Prof. Paul Hancock
(Economics) presented a Curiosity Forum on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 4 p.m. at the Beacon Feed Studio in Hubbard Hall, In Cambridge, N.Y. The program was titled “A Crease in the Landscape: Perspectives on the Slatebelt and Working Landscape of Western Vermont and Eastern New York.” The event was co-sponsored by the Slate Valley Museum.

Prof. Paul Hancock
(Economics) and Karrah Johnston '11 co-presented a paper at the 2011 Conference of the Union for Radical Political Economics on Saturday, October 1 at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, N.Y. Their paper was titled "Forced March: Immigration Policy, I.C.E. and the Increased Oppression of Low-Wage Migrant Labor." Jennifer Rosenbaum, counsel for the National Guestworker Alliance, was a co-presenter. The conference theme was "The War on the Working Class."

Bruce Bassett
gave a lecture at GMC titled “Building Skills and Knowledge for the New Generation of Problem Solvers.”
Bruce works with IBM University Relations team members in growth market locations around the globe to implement common programs, practices and initiatives that establish IBM’s presence and relationships with key universities in emerging economies.

Bruce also supports IBM’s Smarter Planet thrust, with particular focus on Smarter Cities, by working to align universities with cities where IBM sees great potential for research collaboration and business interaction.

Prof. Jacob Park
presented a paper titled “Responsible Investing 3.0: Understanding the Environmental, Social, and Governance Context of Emerging Markets” at the Country Management: Strategy, Operations and Leadership in Emerging and Frontier Economies Conference at Tufts University’s Fletcher School Center for Emerging Market Enterprises.

Prof. Steven Letendre
(Economics, Environmental Studies) will present at Bennington College for this year's Environmental Studies Spring 2011 Colloquium Series. The theme of for this years series is “Building a Sustainable Future.” The title of Dr. Letendre’s talk is “Opportunities and Challenges: Developing Vermont's Wind and Solar Energy Potential.”

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business, Economics) will be discussing his sabbatical research sojourns at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., INSEAD Business School, and the Oxford University Smith School of Enterprise and Environment.

Park’s colloquium will be this Wednesday, March 23 from 12 – 1 p.m. in Terrace 124.

Steven Letendre
(Environmental Studies, Economics) will discuss the various ways to use solar energy to power and heat a home this Wednesday, March 16 from 12 - 1 in Terrace 124.

He will provide important insights based on his experience installing both solar thermal and solar electric systems on his super insulated straw-bale home located in Middletown Springs, VT.

The colloquium will include an overview of the federal and state incentives that help to reduce the overall costs of investing in solar energy equipment.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business Strategy and Sustainability) and Ashley Staron '11 received second place in the Carnegie Council "Making a Difference" essay contest of 2010, responding to the question, "How would you improve your school so that it prepares future leaders to protect the planet?" The Council received 56 entries from 17 countries.

Read the essay and view Jacob and Ashley's profiles on the Carnegie Council website.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business Strategy and Sustainability) has a co-authored an article titled “Creating Integrated Business and Environmental Value within the Context of China’s Circular Economy and Ecological Modernization” appearing in the forthcoming Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 18: Issue 15, November 2010 issue. Research for this article was supported by a grant from the AT&T Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellowship program.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business Strategy & Sustainability) hosted a seminar April 27 titled “Business and Sustainable Development: Key Strategic Issues and Drivers” at the INSEAD Middle East Campus, where he is serving as visiting scholar for part of his sabbatical year. He has also published in the Gulf News an analysis and commentary piece about the sustainability situation in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East.

Prof. Bill Prado
(Management) will lead a professional workshop on “Use of Virtual Environments and other Technologies to Support Experiential Learning of Sustainable Business Practices” at the August Academy of Management (AOM) 2010 Annual Meeting in Montreal. AOM represents the largest organization of management educators, with over 18,000 members from over 100 countries.

Annie Bourdon
, executive director of CarShare Vermont, hosts a public presentation on April 13 at 2:30 p.m. in Terrace 124. The talk is titled "Alternatives to Car Ownership: The Environmental, Economic and Social Impact." Founded in 2007 by a group of local people who share a common vision for our community, Carshare Vermont is a misson-driven nonprofit organization that recognizes car-sharing as a practical, easy, and fun way to reduce car dependence, increase mobility, and improve the health of our community and environment. The presentation is sponsored by the GMC Business and Environmental Studies Programs.

Prof. Bill Prado
(Management) will deliver a presentation on “Student Engagement and Sustainable Business Learning: New Approaches Based on Technology” at the 2010 Online Teaching Conference in San Diego. Attended by 600 educators and administrators representing traditional non-profit as well as for-profit colleges, universities, community colleges, and technical schools, the conference has as its theme “Engaging Every Student Online in Lean and Green Times.”

Prof. Bill Prado
(Management) delivered a presentation on “The State of Sustainable Business Education in Management Education” at the annual meeting of Pearson plc, an international media company with businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.

Prof. Jacob Park
(Business Strategy & Sustainability) has been selected as a recipient of the Vermont Campus Compact’s 2010 Engaged Scholar Award. This award honors one faculty member from a VCC member campus who “collaborates with and involves community partners and students in the discovery, integration, application, and dissemination of new knowledge for public purpose.” A Statewide Recognition Reception and Ceremony will be held April 14 from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington.

business students at northshire
Matt Busko, Jill Smith & Will Welch at the Northshire
GMC business students Matt Busko, William Welch and Jill Smith presented their independent study, “Marketing the Espresso Book Machine,” at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester December 10. The study outlined strategies for the independent bookstore to market the book machine, which can print, bind and trim books on demand. The students suggested that the store modify their website and use social networking sites to market the machine, establish an internship and introduce a novel contest.

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