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Program Director: William H. Prado, D.B.A.
Division of Environmental Studies & Management

Programs offered:
  • B.S. in Sustainable Business
  • B.S in Business Administration (online)
  • Minor in Sustainable Business
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Business program at Green Mountain College provides graduates with a solid foundation in management fundamentals. But what sets our program apart is its emphasis on the rapidly-growing field of sustainability, which we define as the social, environmental, and economic success of firms and organizations. Specifically, experiences both inside and outside of the classroom challenge our students to learn the skills and knowledge required to apply social and environmental stewardship to maintain competitive advantage in 21st century profit and nonprofit organizations, The program prepares graduates for successful careers in a variety of management settings from small sustainable business start-ups to large companies, as well as non-profit and public sector organizations. Guiding students throughout the program, our professors have extensive real-world experience –not only in management generally but specifically in economically successful sustainable businesses.

Students in the Business Program learn critically important management skills and knowledge needed to succeed in 21st century profit and nonprofit organizations. Whether interested in starting a new venture, or in joining an existent organization, students learn current practices related to leadership, marketing, financial management, and strategy, among others.

Coverage of fundamental business subjects emphasizes sustainability. In classroom and other program experiences such as internships, field trips, guest speakers, independent studies, and study away, the focus is on green marketing, triple-bottom-line metrics, sustainable supply chain management, and other practices used by dynamic sustainable enterprises. Maintaining competitive advantage based on social and environmental stewardship is a central feature of Green Mountain College’s approach to management education and of the experiences of our students throughout the program.

Learning Outcomes for Sustainable Business Majors
The successful student will:
  • Conceptualize a complex management issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation.
  • Comprehend core management disciplines including marketing, operations, and finance, and be able to apply this understanding to organization situations.
  • Comprehend operating standards, enterprise planning, social responsibility, and sustainable management techniques.
  • Appreciate ethical issues in economic competition, managing organizations and multiple stakeholders.
  • Understand and be able to use team building, collaborative behaviors, and project management in the accomplishment of group tasks.
  • Select and apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to make reasoned recommendations.
  • Recognize and analyze problems and choose and defend resolutions for practical situations that occur in organizations operating within a global economy.

View course requirements for a B.S or minor in Sustainable Business or Minors in Sustainable Business or Entrepreneurship

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