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Jude Chisom Erondu '16

An Inspiring Journey

Jude Chisom Erondu, or just “Erondu” as he’s known in the Green Mountain College community, is a sophomore sustainable-business major from the northern part of Abuja, Nigeria, the capitol city.

On choosing to use his surname, Erondu explained, “I decided to be called Erondu because I’m not here representing just myself; I’m representing my family as well.”

Erondu did his fair share of research to find GMC. “When I graduated from high school in 2006, I couldn’t get admission to study in Nigeria. I spent six years at home and in that time I did community service,” he said. “I volunteered for the global citizens’ project through the U.S. embassy, and through the embassy I got information on what it takes to study in the U.S.”

“I chose 50 schools, and then narrowed the list to 17. I found out that GMC offers scholarships to international students, and that motivated me to apply,” he said.

Sustainable business caught Erondu’s attention. “Most classes in Nigeria are just business, economics and marketing. When I heard 'sustainable business' I thought, 'Oh this is something new,' and I wanted to learn more about it,” he said. “Sustainable business is a rich cause. There are a lot of environmental issues. In the south side of Nigeria, there are terrible problems from oil spillage. People have lost their livelihood and the agriculture industry is in shambles.”

“I’ve seen the firsthand results of companies not being environmentally conscious and socially responsible. I want to learn how we can do business and still regard the environment,” he said.

Erondu is Student Senate’s director of student engagement; serves on the judicial review board; sings in GMC’s chorus; is a member of Model United Nations club and Inter-cultural club; and was nominated to be on the Horace Greeley Foundation board.

“I love to be busy and involved. It keeps me out of trouble and I stay focused,” he said.

Erondu broke his future goals into the long term and the short term: “Short term, I’d like to graduate from GMC with honors and make an impact in the GMC community. I’d also like to attend more Model U.N. conferences,” he said. “My long-term career goal includes going to graduate school. I hope to pursue a master’s in international relations and diplomacy with a concentration in sustainable development. The world is moving toward sustainability. I really want to use my initiative and travel to impoverished communities to work on more sustainable practices,” he said.

“I hope to work with the U.N. Department of Human Affairs. I want to help those in poverty, give them education and use my story to help inspire people,” he said.

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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