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Elliott Shor '09

Everywhere I’ve Been Has Brought Me Here

“Someone once said that traveling is the best cure for prejudice,” says senior Elliott Shor, paraphrasing Mark Twain. “I feel like that’s pretty much on the mark.”

It’s a lesson the Dallas, Texas, native has learned through experience. Elliott attended college fitfully in Dallas and Oklahoma before he began his travels— living in Los Angeles, then following his older brother to Europe, where his ecologic conscious started churning. The disparity he perceived between that American brand of environmental awareness and the indelible European model was painfully clear. “When I was in Greece and Turkey they had solar hot water heaters everywhere. It’s surprising you don’t see that so much here.”

Upon returning stateside he decided to return to school, focused on renewable energy. “There is so much we can do to decrease our current usage of energy,” he says. “The fact that non-renewable energies are limited presents a challenge to the world to come up with new forms of energy regulation and dispersal.”

As an environmental management major and DEEP Scholar, Elliott is heavily invested in his community. He teaches Sudoku lessons to the elderly and is a lifeguard, tutor, and RA. He has completed an internship with Central Vermont Solar & Wind and has attended NOLS in New Zealand, and is now focused on a new independent study into the possibilities for prisons to become closed-loop renewable ecosystems. Elliott plans to join his brother in renewable energy ventures upon graduation - and he looks forward to continuing to explore the world.

“Once you travel you recognize it’s probably the best form of learning,” he says. “Then you never want to stop. “

By Ryan Dixon '11

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