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While the GMC Youth Development & Camp Management Program is relatively new (spring of 2007), there has been a degree program in recreation at GMC since 1976. In this time, many of our students have had internships in youth-serving organizations and camps. Significant numbers of students are currently employed in youth development and camp management positions. What follows is a sample of the types of internships and positions students hold:

American Youth Foundation - Merrowvista
Megan Lumnah '12, spring 2012

Roaring Brook Camp
Samuel Gaughan '10, summer 2010

Frost Valley YMCA
Claryville, N.Y.
Amanda Yates '10, intern for the YMCA Farm Camp

Camp Resolute Boy Scout Camp
Pat McKamy '05, assistant director of the camp responsible for several staff members

New York Department of Environmental Conservation
Colin Borst, camp leader at a residential camp in the Adirondacks

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps
Burlington, Vt.
Christopher Ricker, Program Assistant Director for the VYCC

Finding an Internship
The academic internship experience required of Green Mountain College youth development & camp management majors is the culmination of four years of professional preparation. The twelve-credit internship (REC 4053) requires a minimum of 10 weeks and 400 hours of practical experience. This must be a continuous experience at one agency only.

The faculty believe that the most important consideration is that the intern should be placed at a location that will provide a quality experience consistent with the student’s long-term professional goals. The final internship experience can be critical to career placement. The following are resources to help find and complete an internship:


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