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Alumni Career Paths

What Happens with a Green Mountain College Degree?
The Office of Career and Personal Development surveys all alumni one year after graduation to see how they are faring in their careers. Based on an average of the past two years (2013&2014), one year after graduation:

  • 82% of alumni report that they are currently employed

  • 11% of alumni report that they are enrolled in graduate school

  • 94% of employed alumni report that they are satisfied with their job

  • 60% of alumni completed at least one internship before graduating

Use the links at left to see internships, jobs, and graduate school placements that recent alumni are holding.

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Where can you go with a GMC degree? Lots of places!
Many of our graduates move on to big cities or go abroad to work in politics and commerce. Many stay in Vermont or New England to start businesses, run farms, and get involved in education and community development.

Because we focus on one-on-one interaction with faculty, you will leave GMC with recommendations from professors who know and appreciate your strengths and care about your post-graduate success. Most importantly, our students go into the world richly informed about the most pressing issues society faces today. They know what it takes to lead and they're hungry for a chance to change the world. That's attractive to employers and graduate programs, and it gets Green Mountain College graduates jobs they want doing work they love.

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