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Kara Savastio '10

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Kara Savastio ‘10, now a licensed social worker, attributes some of the valuable skills she learned in GMC’s Sociology/Anthropology program to her current success. Not only did she build a solid technical sociology and anthropology foundation, but she also developed skills in, “understanding context and environment,” something which is critical to her current professional position. “The school [GMC] taught me to think critically and provided me with the skill to view situations through different lenses.”

Kara currently supervises coordinators working with individuals with mental health concerns, psychiatric illnesses, and drug and alcohol addiction, etc. She also works as a liaison between her company and case managers, recovery coaches, and psychiatrists. Kara graduated with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 2012, and credits her extensive internship/practicum experience, ability to work with diverse populations, and understanding of clinical and macro practices as helping her secure work upon completing her masters.

She advises current GMC students to utilize their professors. “The teachers at GMC have a combination of academic information, passion, and ability to relate to students that is not readily available at other schools. There is a really unique learning environment at GMC that is not easily duplicated and should be taken advantage of.”

New graduates entering the work force should just apply for everything. “You might find that your passion and skills are perfect for a career or agency that you had never thought of.” She also advises that alumni carefully research companies to learn about mission statements and then tailor their resume to be as relevant as possible. Kara suggests GMC students should specialize in something that sets themselves apart from the others. She comments that, “the academic flexibility at GMC is perfect to get a head start on this.”

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