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Lauren DiSessa '09

While at GMC, Lauren DiSessa, a 2009 Writing and English major and Calhoun Learning Center tutor, was always thinking about the next step. During her last semester at GMC, she accepted a position with the Student Conservation Association through AmeriCorps, a position that guaranteed her employment for at least six months post-graduation. She highly recommends these types of positions, “They are a great way to travel, give back to a community and get some relief from your [student loan] debt.”

After her time with AmeriCorps, the job search proved to be more challenging than expected and she spent quite a bit of time searching while also remaining active with her dream to be a writer. She shares her story, “I began sending out work and within a year of graduating had two poems and a short story published. I also volunteered for a time as assistant editor of a literary magazine but it quickly became clear to me that my motivation and inspiration were lagging. In order to stay positive and keep moving forward, I realized I had to adapt. I took a leap of faith and pursued a latent interest in healing and the human body.”

Now for the past two years, Lauren has worked for Canyon Ranch, a health resort in Massachusetts, providing guests with information regarding self -care, stress management and the benefits of massage and bodywork. Her leap of faith to further her education in this field proved successful and now Lauren finds herself in a place where she is self-sufficient while still having time to devote to her writing. As she reflects on the path she has taken since graduating, she notes, “It has been a winding road. Having a positive intention and resilience is infinitely more valuable than having a five year plan. If you chose optimism and stay true to your heart’s mission, the tides will take you where you need to go.”

For current GMC students, she offers this advice: “To the extent that it is humanly possible, be happy and enjoy the college experience. Whether you are annoyed by the bongo drum circles, or annoyed by the bongo drum circle haters, try to refocus on all the lovely aspects of Green Mountain College. It is a beautiful and special place.”

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